Shoot like heaven, hit like hell

As air gun technology improves, the need for better quality ammunition becomes paramount. Umarex’s Brimstone line of airgun ammunition meets, and exceeds, that need.

Sulfur pellets and slugs are precision manufactured to minimize defects that reduce accuracy. The carefully balanced, low-drag shape is designed to deliver as much kinetic energy into the target as possible. This equates to drilling crisp holes in airgun competition targets and also being able to take down game more efficiently and ethically.

Brimstone pellets and bullets come in three calibers: .22, .25, and .30. Pellet weights are 18.67 grains for .22, 33.95 for .25, and 50.77 for .30. For slugs, the weights are 28.24 for .22, 34.89 for .25, and 60.80 for .30.

With superior precision and craftsmanship, Brimstone ammo shoots like heaven, hits like hell.

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