Shimano introduces the revamped SLX A Rod series

DIAFLASH technology elevates the performance of the bass angler

Reinforcing an already amazing reputation, the newly refined SLX A series of rods delivers tournament-level performance and unmatched durability at a price to fit most budgets. Through a wide range of blanks with different lengths, powers and actions, the new SLX rod series offers numerous improvements and refinements that bass anglers demand, whether testing their mettle on the tournament trail or sharing the boat. with friends and family.

Shimano’s patented DIAFLASH technology provides the expanded line of SLX A fishing and spinning rods with lighter, stronger and more responsive blanks. Offering improved control when targeting trophy fish, DIAFLASH strengthens the butt section with diagonally wrapped carbon tape that forms a series of “X” shapes on the outermost layer of the blank. This bracing technology not only adds to the visual aesthetics of the reed, but also increases stiffness in the lower half of the blank, reducing ovality and meeting the demands of contemporary bass performances.

Anglers will find tournament-level components and features along the entire length of each SLX A rod. Cast models incorporate K-style titanium oxide guides, while spinning models feature single-foot guides, both with deep drawn frames to help protect the guide insert, reduce friction and improve line management. Custom tapered EVA split grip handles transmit even the slightest vibrations during the retrieve and enhance comfort during full day fishing adventures. The two swimbait-specific models feature full EVA foam rear grips and enlarged front grips for easy two-handed casting of big baits that trigger trophy bass.

The redesigned SLX A series introduces bass anglers to 7 specialized spinning and 16 casting rods, including four glass casting models and two exclusive swimbait rods, to make choosing the right rod for any situation quick and easy. When fishing in shallow water and with little cover, look for the 7′ SLXC70MHA with medium heavy power and fast action. Rated for lures up to ¾ oz, this sleek casting rod excels at casting light crankbaits, allowing anglers to stay further away from major casting targets without sacrificing accuracy. The 7’5” Heavy Power Fast Action Throwing Rod (SLXC75HA) is the ideal choice for drilling plastics with Texas rigs and tungsten weights through dense cover. Exceptional versatility is a hallmark of the 7’2” Medium Power Extra Fast Action Casting Rod (SLXCX72MHA), which allows anglers to accurately cast a variety of baits over short and long distances. This versatile fishing rod is also available in a two-piece design (SLXCX72MHA2) for active anglers. Two dedicated swimbait rods in the SLX A line – the 7’3″ Medium Power SLXC73MHSBA for 1 to 4 oz lures and the 7’8″ Heavy Power SLXC78HSBA for 2 to 8 oz lures – provide exceptional bass anglers new ways to present the biggest baits and catch trophy-caliber fish.

Find the perfect balance between power, sensitivity and price with the next generation of SLX rods, available now from authorized Shimano dealers with a MSRP of $99.99 a $109.99.

SLX A features:

  • DIAFLASH Technology
  • 24 Ton Carbon Blank Construction
  • Titanium oxide guides
  • One and two piece designs
  • custom reel seat

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