Shimano Curado DC 200 combines performance and flexibility

Tournament-proven reel designed for long casts and tough conditions

The Shimano Curado family sets the benchmark for performance and versatility among low profile casting reels. Used by pro anglers and weekend warriors alike, Curado reels deliver reliable, tournament-proven performance in a compact form factor that enhances success on the water. Shimano now introduces the Curado DC 200, taking advantage of digital control technology and increased line capacity to improve performance and flexibility.

Often the fish that anglers most want to catch are also the furthest from the boat, requiring long casts to reach. The new Curado DC 200 provides anglers with increased line capacity, up to 40% more than the smaller Curado DC 150, keeping trophy caliber fish easily spooked and within range. The extra line capacity improves versatility and performance using a wide range of baits and techniques, especially those that use larger diameter line or larger lures.

Curado DC 200 features Shimano’s unique DC technology, I-DC4. This intelligent digital control braking system uses a microcomputer to monitor the speed of the reel 1000 times per second and applies the perfect amount of brake as the reel spins to prevent kickback. Anglers of all skill levels will appreciate less fumbling and trouble-free casting in all conditions, especially when swirling winds drive fish into a feeding frenzy.

Shimano engineers built the Curado DC 200 to handle superlative fish thanks to a stiff HAGANE body and durable Cross Carbon Drag. Shimano’s exclusive HAGANE Body technology improves stiffness and eliminates flex, transforming angler inputs into more direct, effortless cranking power. The product of Shimano’s continued emphasis on improving drag performance, Cross Carbon Drag provides an expanded range of drag settings for exceptionally smooth performance when fighting tournament-winning fish. Curado DC 200 stands up to continuous use and occasional abuse by seamlessly blending toughness and durability with precision engineering and enduring craftsmanship.

Precision gearing is at the heart of the Curado DC 200 with Shimano reel technologies like X-Ship and MicroModule Gear II creating a reel experience like no other. MicroModule Gear II uses a gear set with an increased number of smaller teeth, providing additional contact points between the pinion and drive gears for a smoother, more efficient gear train. X-Ship technology optimizes the overall drive gear design for exceptionally smooth handle rotation and efficient power transmission. Anglers will notice the benefits of X-Ship and MicroModule Gear II every time they turn the handle, experiencing smoother gear operation and reduced noise.

The Curado DC 200 is available in two gear ratios to cover a wide range of situations anglers encounter on the water. The Curado DC 200 (CUDC200HG) with a medium gear ratio of 7.4:1 is a versatile workhorse reel that is an excellent choice for any relatively slow presentation such as cold water crankbaiting, slow rolling a spinnerbait or grind a square pickaxe against rocks and boulders. stumps The extra-high 8.5:1 Curado DC 200 (CUDC200XG) gear ratio allows anglers to quickly retrieve line, perfect for flipping or pulling trophy fish out of thick cover. Rig Curado DC 200 spools on Shimano Curado rods to experience bass fishing at its finest.

Fish smarter and take advantage of Shimano’s premium DC technology with the new Curado 200 DC, available now from authorized Shimano dealers with a MSRP of $269.99.

Curing DC 200 Characteristics:

  • micromodule gear
  • X-boat
  • HAGANE Body
  • CI4+
  • S3D reel
  • Intelligent digital control I-DC4
  • Shielded anti-rust bearings S A-RB
  • Free Super Coil
  • Cross carbon drag
  • Gear ratios of 7.4:1 and 8.5:1
  • Retrieve with the right or left hand

About Shimano:

Leading the fishing industry in innovation and quality for 100 years, Shimano’s manufacturing capabilities enable anglers around the world to get the most out of their time on the water. We designed the entire Shimano product line to elevate anglers’ experiences with features that continually evolve to push the limits of modern fishing tackle and raise the bar for the entire fishing industry.