Get ready for hunting season with great deals on the full line of SEVR broadheads. Archer’s can take advantage of some of the best prices of the year during the SEVR SUMMER SALE which is available now for a limited time.

SEVR’s exciting 2022 line of wide tips includes the upgraded 2.0 Titanium with a more swept back blade angle, redesigned deployment arm geometry and new 2” cutting diameter blades. The SEVR Titanium 1.5 uses the same basic design as the Ti 2.0 but features a specific blade configuration for hunters who need more penetration for tougher game like elk, elk and bear. The Robusto™ 2.0 is optimized to fit crossbow arrows and weighs in at an increased FOC 150 grains for improved accuracy and increased momentum. Designed with an intermediate cutting diameter and blade angle, the SEVR AP 1.7 features a precision 7075 alloy ferrule, 0.035″ thick blades, and a precision stainless steel tip

For a limited time, SEVR is offering its full line of wideheads at some of the best prices of the season. Visit today.