Second Century Habitat Fund Receives Grant for West River Working Lands Program

Sioux Falls, SD —- The South Dakota Second Century Habitat Fund (SCHF) received a $150,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) , in partnership with Conoco Phillips, to restore and protect key bird habitats in South Dakota as well as increase access for hunters.

“From Alaska to Texas and beyond, these grants will help identify, protect and restore key sites that at-risk bird species depend on for their breeding, stopover and wintering habitat,” said Jeff Trandahl, CEO and CEO from NFWF. “Located in a variety of habitats and geographies, each of these grants is based on strong voluntary partnerships that create benefits for the birds, as well as for ranchers, other landowners, and rural communities.”

Second Century Habitat Fund works with South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks, as well as a Pheasants Forever biologist to identify fringe acres that are best suited for habitat. Provide the land owner with a competitive price per acre, including the cost of seed, to enroll in their Working Lands program. “Landowners have embraced this conservation practice of placing quality habitat where there was once marginal farmland. And the Working Lands program has been a perfect fit with over 7,800 acres enrolled in the last three years,” said SCHF Executive Director Brian Bashore.

“We are extremely honored to receive this grant from Conoco Phillips. With it, we plan to continue to have a significant impact on the future of habitat and conservation in South Dakota,” said Adam Bender, Chairman of the Board of the Second Century Habitat Fund.

I know the $150k Phillips Spirit Grant is matched by the Second Century Habitat Fund with $150k of funds raised from private and community partners. To contribute to the Second Century Habitat Fund, to continue taking advantage of these types of grants, visit our website at

About Second Century Habitat Fund, South Dakota

The Second Century Habitat Fund is a 501 c3 non-profit corporation that works to educate homeowners about the importance of grasslands in improving pheasant habitat in South Dakota. The Fund is governed by a Board of Directors that represents landowners, business owners, pheasant preserve operators, and community leaders throughout South Dakota.