Schloesser and López take gold in archery at the World Cup in Mexico

The biggest event of the international outdoor archery season this year is the Archery World Cup, and once again Easton X10 shooters dominated the field to win gold medals at the prestigious annual event. Competing in Tlaxcala, Mexico, 16 of the world’s best compound archers battled it out for the premier title in target archery, with Dutch archer Mike “Mister Perfect” and Colombian Sara Lopez once again rising to the top of the podium with arrow shafts X10.

Schloesser lived up to his “Mister Perfect” moniker, shooting a perfect 150 points to defeat Team Easton shooter Nicholas Girard of France, who delivered 149 in the gold medal final with his X10 axes. Jean Pizzaro from Puerto Rico took bronze with X10 Pro Tours.

On the women’s podium, Sara Lopez cemented her position as the best goalkeeper in World Cup history, taking her seventh X10 Champion trophy after defeating a goalkeeper from Great Britain in the final. The Colombian Alejandra Usquiano took the bronze, also with the X10.

In addition to the compound champions, all 16 recurve shooters who competed in the World Cup final used X10s, the same arrow that has been used to win every Olympic Games since its introduction.

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