Schachle adds two event records during the 2023 CMP Games East

CAMP BUTNER, NC – Keith Schachle, 64, of Jasper, GA, made his mark at the Eastern Games, Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) High Powered Rifle and Pistol Matches, which took place from 28 from April to May 7, by finding not one but two new event records through their performances.

Schachle achieved a score of 296-10X in the Modern Military Rifle Match to set a new record for an x-count in the competition, beating out second-place competitor Brian Williams, 49, of Granby, MA, who previously set the record. in 2019. Schachle again surpassed Williams in the Four Gun Rifle Aggregate with a score of 1155-28X and also took over another one of his records for x count.

Nearly adding another record to his 2023 successes, Schachle claimed overall victory in the Vintage Military Match with a score of 292-6X, one point below the current event record score, which he prevailed at the Eastern Games. last year.

Kyle Kirschenmann, 58, of Tellico Plains, TN, also put in notable showings, scoring a score of 293-11X to edge out the Springfield Match (just two points shy of the current record), as the semi-automatic team Vintage Sniper Match Hard La Stage #6 (Terrence McCoy, Joseph McDonald) scored 398-21X (just one point below the current record).

Pistol events offered in North Carolina include Service EIC matches along with .22, .45, and Center Fire Aggregates.

On pistol, Hiem Trang, 64, of Germantown, MD, shot a score of 354-4X to claim victory in the new Service Revolver EIC event. Similarly, a 3×600 mid-range rifle combat was added to CMP’s Highpower (HP) series, with Thomas Morley, 62, of Washington, PA, taking the top spot in the combat rifle division. with a score of 590-29X. The mid-range event also featured the Service Rifle, F-Open, FT/R, and AR Tactical categories.

James Fox (right) was the overall winner of the EIC Match Rifle and the 2400 Aggregate Rifle.

Additionally, Emily Gobble, 16, of Lexington, NC, scored 581-20X in the Rimfire Sporter Rifle T-Class match to lead the field of 45 adult and youth competitors.

The CMP Eastern Games, Pistol and Highpower Rifle Matches welcome competitors of all experience levels to participate in competition and educational experiences.

Overall Results of the 2023 Eastern CMP Games, CMP Pistol and CMP HP Rifle Matches:

M9 pistol match: Jeff Minder, 47, Charlotte, North Carolina – 210-0X

Mid-range 3×600:
Match rifle: Thomas Morley, 62, Washington, Pennsylvania – 590-29X
service rifle: Sean Leighton, 60, Enola, PA – 574-18X
F-Open: David Honeycutt, 53, Monroe, North Carolina – 586-23X
F/R: David Motsinger, 69, Winston Salem, North Carolina – 553-7X
Tactical AR: Keith Schachle, 64, Jasper, GA – 594-23X

Garand party: Victor Betzold, 68, Bel Air, MD – 291-3X

Springfield Party: Kyle Kirschenmann, 58, Tellico Plains, Tennessee – 293-11X

Old Military Party: Keith Schachle, 64, Jasper, GA – 292-6X

modern military party: Keith Schachle, 64, Jasper, GA – 296-10X

Three/Four Gun Aggregates: Keith Schachle, 64, Jasper, GA – 859-18X/1155-28X

Rimfire Sporter match:
Class O: Thomas Powell, 60, Lumberton, North Carolina – 543-15X
T-class: Emily Gobble, 16, Lexington, North Carolina – 581-20X
TU class: Andy Miller, 48, Coshocton, OH – 581-24X

Pistol as issued in 1911: MSgt Nicholas Capko, 39, Fredericksburg, VA – 376-10X

Military and Police Gun Combat: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 384-14X

EIC Pistol Revolver Service: Hiem Trang, 64, Germantown, MD – 354-4X

.22 Rimfire Pistol Combat: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 279-5X

EIC Pistol Match: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 286-8X

.22 Rimfire 900 Added:
any view: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 889-59X
Metal sights: Eric Herrin, 59, Raleigh, North Carolina – 841-14X

Added Center Fire 900:
any view: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 877-46X
Metal sights: Viesturs Lenses, 60, Alexandria, VA – 794-14X

.45 900 Added:
any view: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 886-51X
Metal sights: Dustin Carr, 21, Fort Benning, GA – 820-16X

2700 Gun Added:
any view: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 2652-156X
Metal sights: Robert Peele, 30, Raleigh, North Carolina – 2393-35X

overall gun: Jonathan Shue, 41, Liberty, North Carolina – 1325-32X

carbine match: Brian Williams, 49, Granby, MA-373-1X

Vintage Sniper Team Semi-Auto Match: Hard Leg #6 (Terrence McCoy, Joseph McDonald) – 398-21X

4-man CMP team: USAMU Red (SFC Brandon Green, SPC Zevin Linse, SSG Ben Cleland, SSG Jarrod McGaffic) – 1982-83X

CMP 2400 General aggregate: James Fox, 37, Albany, Oregon – 2377-95X

Service Rifle EIC Match: James Fox, 37, Albany, Oregon – 498-27X

The US Army Marksmanship Unit led the 4-man team event during the high-powered portion of the Eastern Games.

Find a full list of results at Photos from the event are available for free viewing and download on the CMP Zenfolio page at

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