Savage Arms® Introduces Iconic Government Model 1911 Pistols

Savage Arms is proud to announce the latest addition to their line of pistols, the Savage 1911 Government Style models. Built for rugged use and unmatched accuracy, Savage’s 1911s bring modern technology to a proven platform and deliver reliability, accuracy, and performance that will stand out among competitive offerings.

“Savage ended 2021 with the introduction of the Stance, a 9mm micro-compact pistol,” said Beth Shimanski, Savage Arms director of marketing. “One year later, in 2022, we are finishing strong once again in the field of firearms with the release of the Savage 1911 Government Style models. We are very excited to introduce this iconic firearm bearing the Savage name.”

This revolutionary firearm is built to the exacting standards of precision and reliability that have come to define Savage Arms across all platforms and categories. With features that offer optimum performance for all shooting enthusiasts, this classic pistol gets the ultimate Savage treatment.

“I have worked in the firearms industry for more than 30 years and began my career as a professional shooter,” said Rob Gates, Savage Arms vice president of sales and marketing. “This Savage 1911 is as real as it gets and shoots better than any 1911 production I’ve handled in my 30+ years in this industry.”

With a look that pays homage to the classic design, the Savage 1911 has a double recoil spring and machined sear and disconnect, a nitride-coated titanium firing pin, and weighs just over 2 LBS with a 5″ long barrel. Finishes range from black melonite to stainless steel and the Savage 1911 is sure to be the leading single action pistol of 2023.

Features of the new model include:

  • 5” stainless steel barrel machined from billet with 11º target crown
  • Ambidextrous Slide Lock Security
  • Double recoil spring with fully machined sear and hammer
  • Lowered, flared and cut ejection port for ejection of live projectiles
  • Forged stainless steel frame and slide
  • Nirtide coated titanium firing pin
  • Novak® low-mount adjustable tritium bar rear sight and yellow Tritium Mega Dot Glow Dome™ front sight (rail and two-tone versions)
  • VZ G10 grips

Part Number / Description / MSRP

67200 / Government Style, Black Melonite 45 AUTO / $1,350
67204 / Gov’t Style, Black Melonite 9MM / $1,350
67202 / government style, stainless 45 AUTO / $1,350
67205 / Government Style, 9MM Stainless / $1,350
67201 / Government Style 2-Tone 45 AUTOMATIC / $1,425
67206 / Government Style 2 Tone 9MM / $1,425
67207 / Government Style Rail Gun, 2 Tone 45 AUTO / $1,500
67208 / Government Style Railgun, 2-Tone 9MM / $1,500
67203 / Government style rail gun, stainless 45 AUTO / $1,500
67209 / Government Style Rail Gun, Stainless 9MM / $1,500
67210 / Government Style Railgun, Black Melonite 45 AUTO / $1,500
67211 / Government Style Railgun, Black Melonite 9MM / $1,500

For more information on the Savage 1911 Government Model, visit and visit your local Savage retailer or distributor.

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