Savage Arms® Debuts Patented Camouflage Pattern on Various Big Game Rifles

Savage Arms proudly presents its own versatile camouflage pattern, Woodland. Attendees at 152North Dakota First seen at the NRA Annual Meetings and Shows in Indianapolis, Indiana April 14-16, it is now available in IMPULSE Big Game and 110 Ultralite Camo. Both rifles are mainstays in the Backcountry Xtreme series and continue to showcase the AccuTrigger in their 20’s.he year on the market.

Savage Woodland camouflage helps hunters close the distance. The innovative design specifically for the Savage uses natural colors and digitally enhanced shapes to provide the ultimate in concealment at all ranges. The versatile mix of tans, browns and greens blends beautifully in a variety of terrains. Savage Woodland effectively hides hunters in different covers, from forests to grasslands, and even deep into the mountains.

The IMPULSE Big Game is Savage’s original Straight-Pull model. Since its introduction, several other models have been released for hunting and competition due to popularity in the US and international markets. Bringing in Savage’s own Woodland camo was a customer driven decision. Savage received constant feedback that hunters preferred a pattern that worked better in the field over a brand or pattern.

“We have always had big plans for the Savage brand,” said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing for Savage Arms. “Watching what Savage’s lifestyle look take shape and receiving supportive and validating feedback is exciting and opens many new doors. You will see more of this in the future. When it comes to camo, we work hard in Woodland to get it right. The data that made us pull the trigger on this decision was that hunters wanted patterns that benefited them in the field, meaning concealment when it matters most. So developing our own camouflage was something we took very seriously.”

The 110 Ultralite is designed to combat lift and the elements while maintaining the performance of a factory-blueprinted Savage 110 action. The carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel and melonite skeletonized receiver minimize weight for success on any mountain hunt. The rifle comes equipped with Savage’s AccuFit™ technology with adjustable draw length and comb height to provide hunters with optimal fit and performance. This new extension to the line features Savage Woodland camouflage for the best concealment. The user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ allows for crisp, clean shots to close out successful hunts.

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