Saturday, August 21 marks the start of the squirrel hunting season.

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Hunting season is upon us.

This hunting season begins with the squirrels from August 21 to February 28. Small game hunting of rabbit, quail and capercaillie will start in November, while falconry will start in September.

As hunting season begins, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife urges people to keep hunting safety in mind. When hunting with a firearm, always keep the gun safe and be aware of where the gun is pointed when not in use.

When in doubt, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife advises people to consult this year’s Kentucky Game and Trap Guide.

“Be sure to check the [hunting and trapping guide] just to see if any regulations have changed because sometimes they change from year to year,” said Conservation Officer Arthur Gayheart. “It’s always good to just go over and make sure you know the regulations for that year.”

For more information on squirrel season regulations or to see when other seasons begin, visit the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

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