Safariland Limited Edition Woodland M81 Camouflage Holster Now Available

Jacksonville, Florida- safariland®a brand of The Safariland group®a leading global provider of security products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets and one of the key brands of Cadre Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CDRE) (“Cadre”), has launched an edition Woodland M81 Camouflage Cordura Limitedto wrap for 6304RDS and 6354RDS covers.

In 1981, the United States Armed Forces adopted the first official dress uniform. The camouflage of choice for early BDUs was US Woodland, a pattern well suited for use in dense hardwood and pine forests.

“Representing a significant military pattern, M81 Woodland camouflage serves as a historical icon and is highly regarded among today’s industry,” said Eric Gasvoda, Duty Gear vice president and general manager for Safariland. “Woodland is a symbol of the end of the Cold War, representing the period before the War on Terror and the legacy of a new millennium. We are delighted to bring to market these limited edition holsters with fits for the best pistols on the market.”

The limited edition 6304RDS and 6354RDS holsters are specifically designed for firearms with red dot sights. Featured Automatic Locking System (ALS®) locks firearm in all directions when holstered. The ALS can be operated entirely by thumb, making it very intuitive to use; once the device is deactivated, a simple direct draw can be used.

Key features include:

  • THE A® (Automatic locking systems) secures the firearm once holstered
  • For use with weapons equipped with red dot optics
  • Includes QLS 19 lockout fork
  • 6304RDS MSRP: $259.75
  • 6354RDS MSRP: $233.50
  • Thermo-molded SafariLaminate™ construction protects firearms and sights
  • Suede lining to protect the finish.
  • sanity® wraparound nylon finish reduces infrared (IR) signature

M81 Woodland holsters come in a variety of popular firearm fits. To purchase and learn more about how Safariland is committed to building lifesaving equipment, visit

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