Roofnest Litewing is the lightest 270 degree hard top in the segment

70 square foot coverage, 30 pound weight, 90 second deployment time – Litewing reshapes the awning market.

STONE — Roofnest reveals the Litewing awning. At just under 30 pounds, Litewing is the lightest and fastest deploying 270 degree hard top in the segment. To put that in perspective, 30 pounds is the weight of most 90 degree soft shell awnings. Thanks to its robust hard anodized aluminum shell, it is also one of the most streamlined 270 awnings in the industry.

Litewing Awning achieves its enviable weight rating through extensive use of aircraft-grade carbon fiber and aluminum. For example, instead of traditional steel or aluminum radial arms, Litewing uses carbon fiber. These keep the weight down while offering added strength and stiffness. As well as aiding aerodynamics, Litewing’s aluminum exoskeleton also protects the internals of the canopy.

Litewing unfolds in less than 90 seconds and provides up to 70 square feet of coverage. Designed to be primarily self-contained, Litewing saves time setting up camp. However, if the weather conditions take a turn for the worse, the Litewing has built-in support poles that quickly unfold and add extra support.

“We understand that not all customers can mount a 70-pound awning on their car. We made Litewing for those campers,” said Roofnest CEO Bob Africa. “Litewing Awning gives customers the option of a lightweight, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing 270-degree awning at an affordable price.”

Litewing’s lightweight design offers benefits beyond ease of use; It is suitable for factory crossbars as well as aftermarket racks and deck frames, including all Roofnest tents that feature dual exterior accessory channels. All vehicles benefit from lightweighting, but none more than electric vehicles (EVs).

“Earlier this year, we promised that our next generation of Roofnest hardtop tents will be optimized for electric vehicles. Litewing Awning is the first look at the next generation of Roofnest products optimized for electric vehicles,” said Turner Sessions, Director of Roofnest Engineering at Roofnest. “Weight and wind resistance are determining factors for owners of electric vehicles. Litewing Awning offers campers ample protection from sun and rain without sacrificing efficiency, making it an ideal choice for electric vehicles.”

Litewing is available in two sizes: Litewing Regular Awning Y Litewing XL awning. The Litewing canopy weighs 30 pounds and creates 70 square feet of coverage. Litewing Awning XL tips the scales at just under 40 pounds and offers campers up to 100 square feet of coverage. Both Litewing sizes are available in driver or passenger side mount configurations. Litewing’s canopy material is 100% 210D nylon with a black anti-UV coating.

The Litewing awning is priced at $1,295. Litewing Awning XL starts at $1,395 Both sizes are now $100 off during pre-sale. Shipping is expected to begin in late October. Customers can learn more about Litewing Awning at:

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