Roka prescription glasses Understanding the task

Turning 53 takes a toll on you mentally, and as my father-in-law likes to say, getting old is not for the weak. I jumped at the chance to try a sample provided by Roka’s company and have some new progressive glasses custom made for my eyes. This isn’t the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try out Roka equipment. We tried the transition pack from them just a few years ago, and that pack is still used today as a vital part of our travel kit.

ROKA Prescription Glasses Review

As a hunter and shooter, I want the best glasses I can afford for my eyes. Roka has long been known for making quality eyewear for the cycling and triathlete community, which is how we originally found Roka as a brand. The frames are very well made and extremely well built, and I have received a variety of compliments on them over the last six months of using them. I like how well they fit my face and how incredibly light they are. These glasses are also some of the easiest to keep clean, whereas the readers I had been using forever were difficult to keep clean.

ROKA glasses order

Ordering and choosing frames is a bit more difficult online, but Roka offers an easy-to-submit home trial package to have a selection of frames sent to you to try, and you can easily mail the samples back. The website is easy to navigate and each frame option has a large number of different color combinations allowing you to make informed decisions about what will work well with your eyes.

I chose progressive lenses for my glasses and out of the box they were outstanding. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get used to the progressive lenses, and I can wear them for all of my day-to-day life, except for sitting at my desk and working on my laptop and computer. I bought a new computer monitor this year, and the progressives make me hold my head up too high to wear those lenses, so I’m ordering a set of Roka LOCKHART frames specifically to use on my computer with the Trivex and Blue Light lenses. Protection in bourbon coloration. Why not put bright colors? The only time people will see me in these frames will be on zoom calls and our podcasting clips coming soon.

The frames come with spring loaded hinges, and the frames came with 3 different nose pad options that allowed me to position the glasses and prevent them from sliding up and down my nose. I found that whether it’s hot or cold, these glasses just don’t look out of place where you put them. When I contacted Roka, they told me that the material they use in their temple pads and nose pads is hydrophilic. They are chemical resistant and support forward and backward traction, so they do a better job of sitting into position.


Soon: Roka is hitting 1000 in my book. These frames have already been on my head for close to 7 months of testing, and they hold up exceptionally well. I expect them to last several years of daily use, and I like the quality enough to purchase the Lockhart frames as daily readers that will live and sit at my desk day to day to work. on my computer and typing. Roka offers a diverse selection of frames, tremendous options in lenses, coatings, and prescription offerings. It’s worth taking a moment to look at these prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.