Rigby Supports World Rhino Day and the Habitat for Rhino Project by Releasing a Limited Edition Rifle

To support World Rhino Day 2022 and the Habitat for Rhino project, John Rigby & Co. has released a limited edition London Best rifle.

The London arms manufacturer has a long tradition of actively supporting wildlife and habitat conservation projects around the world. From Jim Corbett National Park in India to the Scottish Highlands, Rigby has historically raised significant funds to protect some of the planet’s most precious species of flora and fauna. This year is no different.

The Habitat for Rhino project was founded by Pauline and Robin Hurt 10 years ago and has reintroduced a population of wild white rhinos to an area of ​​Namibia. Since the project’s inception, the program has been a huge success with the rhino population now reproducing and thriving naturally. Most importantly, there have been no poaching incidents thanks to the couple’s privately funded anti-poaching team and those who have generously donated to the project.

To support the project and help raise awareness, Rigby has produced a limited edition of 12 London Best rifles in .350. Each will be individually engraved with the name of one of the project’s rhinos, as well as the Habitat for Rhino logo, which was designed by Pauline Hurt. A significant contribution from the sale of each of the rifles will go directly to the project.

Marc Newton, Managing Director of Rigby, commented: “What Pauline and Robin have created here is something special, these rhinos need projects like this to survive and thrive. Rigby is extremely grateful to be in a position where we can support such a worthwhile project that will continue to ensure these rhinos live on for generations to come.”

With a number of rifles already reserved, please contact us if you would like to secure your own one-time contribution to this special project and purchase one of these limited edition rifles: [email protected]

For more information visit: www.johnrigbyandco.com.