Rigby Recorder Karen Wallace Wins Cartier Award of Excellence

Renowned London gunsmith, John Rigby & Co, is proud to announce that their talented engraver, Karen Wallace, has won the prestigious Jacques Cartier Award for Excellence, presented at the 2023 Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards. Karen entered a plaque Rigby bolt-action rifle magazine floor she had made, which was beautifully carved with scrollwork.

The Cartier Award for Excellence is a national award that recognizes exceptional artistry and craftsmanship in jewelry making and related fields. Independent jewelers and artisans from around the world are invited to submit their work for consideration. Of all the gold medal winners, only one piece is selected as a winner of Cartier excellence. This award has been given for 65 years, but has only been awarded 43 times, as it is only awarded if there is a clear winner who meets the highest standards of excellence.

Karen Wallace’s winning entry is particularly notable because it is the only time anyone has won with an item that is not made of gold or silver. It is also the only engraving of guns or anything related to gun making to have won the award. Karen’s beautiful scroll work on the Rigby bolt action rifle’s magazine floor plate impressed the judges with its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Rigby has a long and distinguished history as one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers. Founded in 1775, the company has been at the forefront of weapons manufacturing technology for more than two centuries. Today, they continue to produce some of the best sporting rifles and shotguns available, using the latest manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials.

Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton, commented: “We are proud to have Karen Wallace as part of their team of skilled craftsmen. Her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft are a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence. The Cartier Award of Excellence is a well-deserved recognition of Karen’s exceptional talent and the excellent quality of her work. Her team congratulates her on her achievement and looks forward to continuing to produce the best sporting rifles and shotguns for the most demanding customers around the world.”

Karen added: “I didn’t even know I was up for it until that point, I wasn’t even paying attention! I really had no idea she would consider herself, I’m over the moon. I was shaking when they called my name. She was thinking, ‘I don’t want to fall down the stairs!’