Rifle selection for big game hunting

A common question from new hunters is “What caliber of rifle do I need to hunt?” Now this will depend on a few different variables. The first thing to consider is what your state’s regulations are regarding firearms. Be sure to check the regulations because some states will not allow you to hunt certain calibers while other states will.

Accuracy is something you will also want to think about when choosing a rifle. For those who are new to shooting, selecting a large bore rifle can cause them to shudder when shooting, making your shot inaccurate. Being accurate with a smaller caliber rifle will be more effective than inaccuracy with a more powerful large caliber rifle.

Choosing a rifle scope will also be something you’ll want to consider before purchasing a rifle. You want to leave some room in your budget for a quality viewer. You can buy the most expensive high-performance rifle, but if you put a cheap scope on it, the rifle will most likely not perform to its full capacity.

Once you’ve selected your rifle and scope combination, you’ll need to choose some ammunition to use. At first you will want to try multiple types of ammo brands. You can then shoot groups with these different ammo types and see which one shoots the best with your rifle. Some ammunition will shoot very well out of your rifle, while others will not pack tightly.

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