Reputation Marketing now partners with Simtek, Inc.

Reputation Marketing, the industry’s newest marketing communications group, is proud to announce that it is now partnering with Simtek, Inc.

Reputation Marketing will assist Simtek with its branding, public relations, social media outreach and sales support efforts.

Simtek offers an innovative technology solution to keep firearms and other valuables safe by offering monitoring and alerts for gun safes, jewelry boxes, storage sheds, liquor cabinets and more.

The Simtek Sensor II is a hockey puck-sized, battery-powered device that can be easily placed in a gun safe or other confined area, and tracks light, motion, and vibration. When the device detects light, motion, and/or vibration, the device will send an alert to the user’s phone app, all through the cell phone signal.

The Simtek Sensor II is currently available for sale by pre-order for $150.00 on the Simtek website. The Simtek Sensor II requires a data plan as it transmits alerts over cellular networks. The required data plan is available for $4.20 per month or $46.20 per year. The new sensors will begin shipping in May 2023.

The Simtek Sensor II follows in the footsteps of the immensely popular original Simtek Sensor that was introduced in 2017. Thousands of original Simtek sensors actively monitor the valuables of satisfied customers around the world.

“Simtek is thrilled to partner with Reputation Marketing to expand our brand presence and connect with our target audience,” said Brady Simpson, founder and CEO of Simtek, Inc. “With their expertise, we are confident our collaboration will drive a meaningful engagement and long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

“Simtek is a unique and forward-thinking company offering an innovative solution to protect valuables,” said Ryan Repp, founder of Repputation Marketing. “It is a privilege to work alongside Brady and his team to help tell the story of their growing brand.”

About Simtek, Inc.

Founded in 2016, Simtek is a trusted provider of motion-activated sensors. Our sensors use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and reliable intrusion detection. With just a few simple steps, customers have peace of mind knowing that their firearms and valuables are monitored 24 hours a day. For more information, visit

About reputation marketing

Founded in 2023, Repputation Marketing, LLC is a marketing and communications agency focused on helping brands in the firearms/outdoor lifestyle space reach their customers with powerful, inspiring and creative messages. Anchored by outgoing firearms industry marketing/PR veteran Ryan Repp, Reputation Marketing, LLC offers a wide range of services including brand strategy, advertising, affiliate marketing, public relations, social media, events, product launches, crisis planning and more. They work with brands of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, providing personalized services that help brands achieve their brand exposure goals.