Replaceable blades in an even more resistant design: TPR 4”

True Utility’s recent Swift Edge series is a resounding success. This swing and a hit have been growing in popularity and demand. To meet this demand, True Knives has released a new variation called the Swift Edge Fast Flip. It is intended to meet the need of many users for a fast deploying liner lock blade.

The blade changing capabilities of the Swift Edge series are at home in many settings. In addition, the thumb button also makes it easy to open the blade with little to no effort. In this newer design, True has added a push tab to the bottom of the blade retention system for added ease of use. The Swift Edge Fast Flip can be useful for any task, but it really finds its home when deployed and put away frequently. Electricians, warehouses, construction sites, wooded camps, and all manner of areas find this useful and easier to use than many alternatives. All it takes is a quick twist, and the ball-bearing joint efficiently deploys the knife.

Coming with five 4-inch stainless steel drop point blades in a black oxide finish and a patented carrying case, the Swift Edge Fast Flip has yet to find its match. A TPR thermoplastic rubber coated handle comes in bright orange and features a deep carry pocket clip. A liner lock system is used to hold the knife in place, which can also be operated with one hand. Other interchangeable blades include drop point, tanto, or serrated blades 4 inches or shorter. These are easy to change with the patented 2-step blade lock system.

For the fastest delivery with a high wear blade, the Swift Edge Fast Flip fits a niche of constant knife users who find their blades dull quickly. With a quick release system, True Knives has provided an efficient and useful tool around the home in various roles.

Replacement blades are available in packs of 5 for $16.99.

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• Leaf shape: drop point

• Blade length: 4”

• Steel blade: 2CR13 stainless


• Blade Finish: Black Oxide

• Locking mechanism: liner lock

• Handle: TPR and PP-GF30

• Replaceable blade in two steps


• Cord compatible

• Ball bearing fin

• Toggle lock

• Pocket clip


• 4″ Fine Edge Drop Point Blade

• Blade carrying case


• Length: 5.24” (closed) / 9.33” (open)

• Weight: 0.47 pounds


• MSRP $49.99

• SKU TRU-FMK-1002

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