Remington supports Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc.

Remington Ammunition is proud to announce its support of Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc. Dedicated to passing on the legacy to develop future generations of hunters and anglers, the nonprofit organization continues to expand as it fosters a deep appreciation for the air. free. through youth mentors.

“We are delighted to support the Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors mission to cultivate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts,” said Remington Ammunition Chief Marketing Officer Joel Hodgdon. “It is an honor to serve on the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors Board of Directors. The powerful organization aligns strongly with Remington’s core values ​​of outdoor stewardship and deep tradition.”

Pairing caring adults with a deep commitment to the outdoors with the next generation looking to learn more, the Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors program provides new outdoor enthusiasts and their volunteer mentors with experiences and opportunities. Focusing on all outdoor activities, the program not only empowers those just starting out in the lifestyle, but also promotes the enjoyment, understanding, protection and restoration of our natural ecosystems.

“We are deeply grateful for our partnership with Remington! Your support will help in our efforts to get more of the next generation into hunting and fishing through outdoor mentoring. There is nothing sweeter and more rewarding than guiding enthusiastic newcomers outdoors,” said Brittany French, Executive Director of Pass it On – Outdoor Mentors. “As a woman of the outdoors, I believe it is our responsibility to step up and serve those in the community who would not otherwise be served outdoors. With the support of Remington, we will strive to reach our goal of planning more than 700 events nationwide this year!”

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