Reference Letters

Organizations giving out scholarships have no idea who you are. They don’t know what the community thinks of you and what you are capable of. That’s where a reference letter comes into play. A reference letter is a letter of praise commending your character, various accomplishments and other feats.

There are many people you can ask to write you a reference letter: teachers, friends, professors, coaches, employers/ managers, community leaders, etc. Don’t be shy to ask as they will be more than willing to do it for you. Send them a formal letter requesting their assistance and provide as much information as you can that they can utilize. If you have permission from the person writing your letter, use it for multiple applications, that way you’re killing many birds with one stone.

Important things that should be included in your reference letter are:

  • How they know you and how long your reference has known you.
  • Your academic accomplishments, awards, and your potential for future success.
  • Your character and integrity as a person.
  • Information the application requests specifically such as : community involvement, organizational skills, writing skills, etc.

Sample Reference Letter Request

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