Red squirrel rescued from Greggs after spending the day at the store

It’s not every day you see a red squirrel, so staff and patrons were shocked to see a squirrel take up residence in a Scottish Greggs.

The red squirrel was even honored with a staff badge and name tag from the Newcastle-founded bakery chain. And despite some concern after passers-by noticed a pest control company van outside Greggs in Pitlochry, the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed intruder has been safely released into the wild.

“After turning around, we managed to catch Greggs the squirrel safe and sound. Thanks for the, uh, enthusiastic first turn,” Greggs tweeted, with video of the squirrel in the woods.

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Today Greggs confirmed that the store is closed for a “deep cleaning and will reopen later this week.”

In honor of the cute intruder, Greggs changed his image on Twitter to that of the squirrel and gave him a plaque with his name.

Richard Horobin told Scotland’s Daily Record that he had seen pest controllers enter the building, who work for a company with the ominous name, Terminix, but the endangered variety of squirrel was never in danger of being killed.

Chemistry academic Richard explained: “These people were clearly aware of the issues surrounding the capture of a protected species.”

“They told me ‘Everything is in the hand’.

Scotland is home to 75% of the UK’s declining red squirrel population. They are a protected species and it is a crime to kill, take or injure one.

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