Ranew Outdoor Equipment offers a full line of implements for all your food plot needs.

The Firminator G3 is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry, enabling the entire process of planting a food plot—ploughing, planting, and soil baling—from start to finish with a single implement. However, for those who already own tillage equipment but still want all the other features and benefits of a Firminator, there is a standalone Firmeeder.

Like the G3 unit, the Firmeeder features Firminator’s precision seeding system, which can handle any size seed from large corn, soybeans, peas and sunflowers to the smallest of clovers without the need to change seed hoppers. The easily adjustable metering openings of the precision sowing system ensure that the seeds are distributed in the correct amount.

Because the system is driven from the ground, seed is metered in relation to travel speed, allowing the user to control seed rate. The optional seed hopper agitator keeps seeds well mixed, preventing smaller seeds from straining out too quickly. Thus, it evenly distributes seed mixes with extreme size differences in a single pass. When the unit stops, an automatic shutoff prevents unnecessary spillage that occurs with other hopper types.

Simply spreading seeds is not enough. Post-dispersal packaging is also essential, ensuring good seed-soil contact for better germination rates and protection from wind drift. The Firmiseeder also has the Firminator’s commercial grade culti-packer. As the Firmeeder advances, the seeds are dropped into a specially designed baffle that distributes them fully before the culti-packer rolls over the seeds and compacts the soil.

Product characteristics:

  • Handles seeds of all sizes.
  • Oversized seed hopper
  • Seed metering openings
  • Seed size adjustments in 1/16-inch increments
  • Deflector specially designed for better distribution
  • Distributes the seed directly in front of the culti-packer for optimum seed to soil contact
  • Protects the seed from wind drift.
  • Only distribute seeds while Firmeeder is rolling to avoid waste.

Made in the USA.

Every Firmiseeder is proudly made right here in the good old USA at Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment plant in Milner, Georgia. Their welders and fabricators combine years of experience with high-end tooling to produce each frame and seed box. ROE painters then use top-of-the-line powder coating material on manual and automatic powder coating lines to provide a superior finish.

For more information on the entire line of Firminator products and accessories, see their website at www.thefirminator.com.

Ranew Outdoor Gear Introduces The Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile gear in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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