RadCast Outdoors Podcast Features Hunting Legend Jim Shockey

The March 22, 2023 edition of the RadCast Outdoors podcast, “Hunting, Fishing, and Everything In Between,” features special guest and hunting legend Jim Shockey. Sponsored by Bow Spider (www.bowspider.es), Hi Mountain Seasonings (www.himtnjerky.com) and PK decoys (https://pklure.com/), this episode features Bow Spider’s David Merrill, Brown Company’s Rowdy Anderson, 307 Pursuit’s Blake Fegler, RadCast’s Patrick Edwards and Morning 10’s Charene “The Adventure Queen” Herrera speaking with Shockey about a wide variety of topics related to the hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

Shockey traveled to Lander Wyoming to speak at the Muley Fanatic Foundation, 10 Country Chapter event on March 25, 2023. He is a true legend in the hunting community, both as a setter, hunter, television host and more, and was awarded the prestigious Weatherby Award in 2018. In this captivating podcast, Shockey discusses his career, wolves, bears, fly fishing, gun laws, his children, and his new book, “Call Me Hunter,” available to pre-order right now at www. .Amazon.com and many other places.

Packed with insightful insights and fun stories, this 79-minute podcast is a must-event for all serious outdoorsmen and women. You can listen to it right now here: https://radcastoutdoors.com/blogs/radcast-outdoors-podcast-episodes.

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