QuietKat will boost conservation efforts with special programs

Special pricing programs and donations help raise money for wildlife.

eagle, colorado — QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) is proud to work with various conservation groups across the country to improve habitat that promotes healthy wildlife and improve access to public lands for hunters and outdoor activities. enthusiasts alike. Through strategic partnerships and various catering programs, QuietKat is a leader in giving to these organizations. “Conservation is at the core of QuietKat’s ethos. Without healthy wildlife populations and access to public land, there is no hunting; no hunt no QuietKat,” said Logan Holtz, QuietKat National Sales Manager. “Our partnerships with and investment in these conservation groups is one of the many things that make QuietKat unique. Our conservation efforts along with our support of youth hunter programs ensure that our way of life will endure for generations to come.”

Three groups are currently capitalizing on the QuietKat banquet program; the National Wild Turkey Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Safari Club International. Each of these nonprofit organizations works tirelessly to conserve wildlife in a variety of settings, working with local, state, and national agencies and recruiting volunteers to maintain and protect natural environments. Without their efforts, much of what we currently have would be threatened.

QuietKat has also partnered with The Ruffed Grouse Society to offer a special edition RGS bike where $1000 of each bike sold is donated towards habitat restoration! The RGS team is also deploying QuietKats as utility vehicles in forest restoration projects. Get yours and donate today, click here.

QuietKat is also the leading supplier of off-road electric bikes to federal and state wildlife groups that protect our wildlife resources and enforce our hunting laws. This includes US Border Patrol Special Operations, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and various state-level agencies; Game and Parks, Game Commission, Fish and Game, etc. If your agency is interested in getting a fleet of eBikes you can find more information and contact details by clicking here.

And last but not least, QuietKat will be donating merchandise to help raise money for the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA-USA). IHEA-USA is dedicated to educating people of all ages and abilities about the benefits of hunting. Working with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as numerous nonprofit conservation groups, they help match experienced hunters and mentors with those hoping to learn more. and hunt in your local area.

For help with your nonprofit conservation group or for more details on how QuietKat can help you with banquets, visit: https://quietkat.com/pages/conservation-efforts. The QuietKat team will help you find the best solution to meet your organization’s needs and help you raise money for your favorite nonprofit.

QuietKat was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado with the goal of helping people enjoy the outdoors more quietly than with traditional motorized methods. QuietKat is now part of the Vista family of brands, which includes Goldtip, Primos, Hoppes, Federal Ammunition, Remington and more. QuietKat has earned a reputation as a reliable, heavy-duty electric bike built by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, making them the most trusted electric bike brand in the country.

Contact QuietKat Marketing Director Michael Mayer for additional information @ [email protected] or Justin Moore in [email protected] for public and media relations.

About QuietKat Founded in 2013 in Eagle, Colo., QuietKat is a leader in off-road electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Built for all-season utility, QuietKat e-bikes and accessories are built to go further and explore more while carrying everything you need for your adventure. Riding a QuietKat electric bike has a low impact on the environment and high utility and adventure performance. QuietKat strives to enhance the outdoor experience by creating rugged, dependable products with solid construction, powerful electric motors, and high performance in the field. QuietKat stocks a wide range of electric bikes and accessories including bags, racks, trailers and everything you need for the outdoor lifestyle. For more information, visit www.QuietKat.com