QuietKat Announces All-New Variable Power Output (VPO™) for Greater E-Bike Access and Improved Ratings

One bike to rule them all. Power when you want it, rating when you need it.

EAGLE, Col. — QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road electric bikes and a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO), is proud to announce the launch of its Variable Power Output (VPO™) technology. This new feature gives riders the ability to customize power output parameters based on the trails or areas they choose to ride. This option extends the range of QuietKat e-bikes and allows riders to adjust the output to comply with applicable jurisdictional regulations.

“We are excited to introduce VPO to our customers,” said QuietKat President and Co-Founder Jake Roach. “This technology is truly a first for the market, not only for the end user but for the industry as a whole. With VPO, QuietKat customers can now access more trails, paths, and other areas that have different egress requirements for eBike use. This technology allows us to offer more riding options with a single eBike.”

The QuietKat VPO-enabled eBike adheres to the three-class system, recognized in more than 40 states and standardized by People for Bikes, the trade association for the electric bicycle and bicycle industry. In order to modernize electric bike law in the United States, People For Bikes devised a three-class system to classify electric bikes and regulate them accordingly based on their maximum assisted speed.

Every QuietKat VPO enabled eBike ships as Class 2 and allows the rider to easily toggle between Class 1, 2, 3 and unlimited.

“E-Bike rules are inconsistent across federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Often, there are competing rules within the same agency or administration area, challenging both passengers and administrators. The QuietKat VPO enabled eBike allows the rider to assess which class is approved and adjust accordingly,” said Roach. “QuietKat and our riders have a demonstrated commitment to stewardship and conservation. Our passengers care deeply about complying with local rules, and the VPO technology will make it easier for passengers to comply and continue their journey.”

Switching between ratings is simple and can be easily done with the display screen on the QuietKat eBike. The QuietKat electric bike must come to a complete stop to allow the user to safely shift; then it will immediately be set to the mode you have selected. It is up to the rider to ensure that the correct class has been chosen for the area in which he is riding.

VPO technology will be available on all mid-drive engine options, including APEX PRO, APEX SPORT, JEEP, RUBICON and IBEX. See the most up-to-date list of eBikes with VPO software along with more information on the exact description of each class by clicking here. More information about QuietKat’s new VPO software, including tutorials and images, can be found here.

QuietKat was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Jake and Justin Roach in Eagle, Colorado with the goal of helping people enjoy the outdoors more quietly than with traditional motorized methods. QuietKat is now part of the Vista Outdoor family of brands, which includes Goldtip, Primos, Simms, Fox, Federal Ammunition, Remington and more. QuietKat has earned a reputation as a reliable, heavy-duty electric bike built by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, making them the most trusted electric bike brand in the country.

About QuietKat

Founded in 2013 in Eagle, Colo., QuietKat is a leader in off-road electric bikes for hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Built for all-season utility, QuietKat e-bikes and accessories are built to go further and explore more while carrying everything you need for your adventure. Riding a QuietKat electric bike has a low impact on the environment and high utility and adventure performance. QuietKat strives to enhance the outdoor experience by creating rugged, dependable products with solid construction, powerful electric motors, and high performance in the field. QuietKat stocks a wide range of electric bikes and accessories including bags, racks, trailers and everything you need for the outdoor lifestyle. For more information, visit www.QuietKat.com