Q30 Innovations Adds Vice Admiral Szymanski and Lt. Gen. Mulholland to Military Board of Advisors

WESTPORT, Connecticut (January 16, 2023) – Q30 Innovations is pleased to announce the addition of Vice Admiral Tim Szymanski and Lt. Gen. John Mulholland to its Board of Military Advisors. The company continues to see increased adoption of the Q-Collar throughout the military as more combatants experience the benefits of the product designed and proven to reduce brain injuries from repetitive subconcussive impacts.

By adding these two new members to its Military Advisory Board, Q30 hopes to drive greater awareness of a wide range of military and law enforcement applications and continue to advance additional research on product effectiveness in specific military scenarios, including injury reduction. brain damage caused by shock waves.

“As we continue to see the adoption of the Q-Collar by service men and women, Vice Admiral Szymanski and Lt. Gen. Mulholland will bring valuable first-hand military knowledge and experience to our mission of helping protect service men and women. women who are at risk of traumatic brain injury. said Q30 Co-CEO Tom Hoey. “We are proud and extremely honored to have the support of these decorated veterans who share our concern for the health and well-being of those they serve.”

Vice Admiral Tim Szymanski (retired)

Vice Admiral Szymanski has served in various Navy and Joint Special Operations assignments as a Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) Officer for more than 36 years. He most recently served as the Deputy Commander of the United States Special Operations Command after previously serving as Commander of Naval Special Warfare. In both roles, he oversaw the manning, equipping and training, and employment of NSW and joint special operations forces.

In addition to his time spent in the service, he has also led initiatives to improve human performance and protect brain health in special operations. Szymanski developed programs to improve cognitive performance and established policies to monitor and protect brain health by improving the well-being and operational readiness of all special operations forces and their families.

“Q30 has a breakthrough product that, in my opinion, from all the clinical research, can potentially reduce the long-term effects of impact and blast exposure. The potential to significantly improve the well-being of our service members pushed me to join the Q30 team,” said Szymanski.

Lieutenant General John Mulholland (retired)

After joining the 1st Special Forces Regiment in 1983, LTG Mulholland (retired) commanded from the captain to lieutenant general level in the Army and joint special operations forces – including serving as Deputy Commanding General, Command of Joint Special Operations, as Commanding General, United States Army Special Operations Command, and as 15th Deputy Commander, United States Special Operations Command. His professional experience and his involvement throughout his military career have prompted him to make and influence changes to better prepare the force for future conflicts and to better protect the force today and tomorrow.

“As I was already involved in helping other lines of effort regarding active duty military and veteran brain health, and I have two sons and one daughter actively serving in the Army, joining the Q30 team just made sense.” Mulholland said.

He will spend his time educating senior leaders within our Special Operations and larger military communities on the ways in which Q30 is reducing the consequences of kinetic and concussive impacts to the brain that our men and women in uniform frequently suffer.

About Q30 innovations

Q30 Innovations was recently awarded a $2.8 million contract by the United States Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) to demonstrate the overall effectiveness of the Q-Collar. With the funds provided, further research and development of the Q-Collar will be conducted to demonstrate its ability to reduce blast-induced TBI as a safe, effective, and long-lasting option for soldiers.

Headquartered in Westport, Conn., Q30 Innovations’ mission is to help protect the brain from the effects of head impacts on the sports field and battlefield. Since 2012, Q30 has worked with leading medical, academic, engineering and design institutions to research and develop the Q-Collar, an external device that helps protect the brain from the effects associated with repetitive subconcussive head impacts. cerebral. In February 2021, the Q-Collar became the first and only FDA-cleared protective gear to help protect people’s brains during head impacts. For more information, visit www.q30.com/military.