Pumpkins abound for the 7th Annual Pumpkin Festival at Silvermont Park

Jump into the season this October at the 7th Annual Pumpkin Festival at Silvermont Park in Brevard, North Carolina.

With fall leaves, crisp October weather and pumpkins galore, Pumpkin Fest ushers in a fall to remember. Held from 6-9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays from October 7-28 and from 5-9 pm on October 29 (following Brevard’s Halloweenfest), the event is a fearless family evening for all ages. The walking trail features 19 artist-designed, illuminated, and carved pumpkin displays. The event also includes music, food trucks, games, storytelling, face painting, a white squirrel scavenger hunt, a Brevard tradition, and tours of the historic Silvermont mansion.

Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont Park in Brevard, North Carolina.

Volunteer Maury Bandurraga said the festival is a fun family outing or date night. It is a fundraiser for Friends of Silvermont to help maintain and improve Silvermont Park and the historic mansion.

“It’s a family event and it’s not scary,” Bandurraga said. “It’s not a haunted house, we don’t have people jumping behind trees trying to scare people. We actually have follow-on actors, we have local high school students helping us by dressing up as pirates and interacting with visitors and exhibits, and putting on a little show to add to the exhibits that are there.”

There will also be photo opportunities throughout the exhibits.

Pumpkin Fest at Silvermont Park in Brevard, North Carolina.

On October 29, the night kicks off an hour early so Downtown Brevard Halloweenfest attendees (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) can take a break between events and then extend the day with a food truck dinner and walk down the trail.

Pumpkin Fest is located at Silvermont Park 364 E. Main St., Brevard, North Carolina. Admission is $5 each for ages 2 and up, cash or check with ID, or $5.25 each for credit or debit. On-site parking is $5 cash per car. Free parking is available on nearby streets and in church and Comporium parking lots a block or two away. On-site handicap sticker parking is free. Please note that the gravel path works well for strollers, but does not meet ADA standards for wheelchairs. Details are available at silvermont.org and facebook.com/silvermontpark.