“Affordable Innovation” has always been KastKing’s rallying cry. Now, enter Hammer Braid, a truly new take on braided fishing line.

Hammer Braid is colorfast, has almost zero stretch, higher knot strength, and better abrasion resistance than other brands on the market. It’s everything you want in a premium, accurate braided line for any angling condition.

How is it different? It is what happens to the fibers prior to the braiding process that sets Hammer Braid apart. Individual fibers are treated using a proprietary coating process (EPC) that provides multiple benefits.

“We pre-color the fibers before braiding, which gives us a much more color resistant product,” says Rex Nelson, KastKing product development specialist. “Most companies dye the product as a post-braid treatment, but we have found that the color actually sets better within individual fibers when treated prior to braiding and allows the color to set more permanently.” The end result is a braid that holds its color longer than competitive braids.

Hammer Braid’s individual fibers are stretched before they are braided, which Nelson says realigns the fibers’ molecular structure, making them stronger.

“The more you stretch the fibers, the stronger they get,” says Nelson. “When you bring those fibers together, you end up with better overall straight pull strength with Hammer Braid.”

“Braids are measured by the number of times the fibers cross each other in an inch of material,” says Nelson. “Most braids on the market average 18 to 20 crosses per inch, but the Hammer Braid has 24, so we have a considerably tighter weave. This tighter braid makes it smoother, more compact, and gives it a rounder profile.

In practical application, the Hammer Braid is a power angler’s dream, perfectly defining the fishing style of MLF Pro Tour veteran Cliff Crochet. The Louisiana native cut his teeth fishing the Atchafalaya Basin; therefore, he is no stranger to manhandling stubborn bass from extremely thick deck. He has found better strength in Hammer Braid knots, particularly at the heavier test weights of 65 lbs. and greater when drilling through thick mats of vegetation.

“I would use a chain when piercing doilies if I could get away with it because I want the strongest possible line in that situation,” says Crochet. “The problem I’ve had with heavy braids in the past is that they get too thick to hold a good knot consistently. Because the Hammer Braid has a thinner diameter, it holds the knot very well.”

Crochet “downsizes” to a 50-pound test braid when fishing jigs, buzzbaits, and lipless lures around cover, keeping in mind that Hammer Braid’s smooth texture allows for long, quiet casts.

“I really like the feel of the Hammer Braid in my hands,” she says. “It’s not as slippery as some of the coated braids on the market, but it’s not too thick going through the rod guides either. To me, it just has a good texture and feel.”




  • 4-carrier braiding technology
  • Engineered Proprietary Coating (EPC) process that pre-treats fibers prior to braiding
  • color locks
  • Maximize overall strength
  • decreases the diameter
  • Realigns fibers for a smoother surface
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance
  • Braided in the USA
  • test 8-80#

Staying true to its vision statement of “Affordable Innovation”, KastKing recently launched Hammer Braid, setting a higher standard in 4-carrier braiding technology. Hammer Braid boasts better abrasion resistance, thinner diameter, and higher knot strength in a braid that holds its color longer than competitive offerings.

Available in 8 to 80 pound tests on 150, 300, and 3000 yard spools.

About KastKing:

Founded in 2013, KastKing had a vision of producing quality products designed by anglers for anglers and delivered directly to the consumer at affordable prices. True to that vision, KastKing products are developed through input from the fishing community and go directly to the manufacturing plant. This reverse formula from manufacturer to consumer introduces cutting edge features into the new products that anglers want and need. The brand has gained popularity with anglers by offering affordable innovation through in-house engineering, allowing KastKing to offer never-before-seen technology at truly extraordinary prices. Ten years later, KastKing products have been sold to consumers in more than 150 countries and regions around the world through a variety of supply chains. Originally, KastKing products were only available online, but consumers can now find their favorite products in a growing number of retail stores. To learn more about KastKing and KastKing products, please visit our website at kastking.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

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