Public Cooperation Leads to Multiple Squirrel Limit Exceeding Citations

Thanks to the watchful eye of a concerned citizen, Corporals Brad Hadley and Eric Long of the Missouri Department of Conservation Protection were able to make contact with a large group of non-resident squirrel hunters who were camping and hunting in the Missouri Conservation Area. Current River and its surroundings. .

The group, made up of 16 hunters, had been hunting for two days and harvested 471 squirrels. Missouri regulations allow for the daily collection of 10 squirrels and a personal possession limit of two daily limits for a total of no more than 20 squirrels in possession. Missouri regulations also require all game to be separate and identifiable to each hunter. In total, the group of hunters had killed 151 squirrels over the allowed possession limit. All hunters were cited for possession of squirrels above the limit and warnings were issued for failing to keep wildlife separate and identifiable.

In recent years, small game species such as the squirrel have been more vigorously sought by hunters. Several nonresident hunter groups have been cited throughout Missouri for exceeding the squirrel limit during that time, officials said.

“Of course, all hunters, regardless of resident status, are welcome and encouraged to hunt in Missouri, but all hunters should be aware of the regulations before hunting,” Hadley said. “Gross squirrel excess like the one cited [in this case] they are harming the local populations and they are also stealing from other hunters who abide by the rules.”

Residents who enjoy Missouri’s resources and see something that is unusual or illegal, contact a local conservation agent or Operation Game Thief at 800-392-1111.