Rexburg, ID – Pro-Tracker® Archery, the leading maker of the advanced Pro-Tracker retrieval system that has changed the way bowhunters successfully track and retrieve their trophies, is proud to announce their new partnership with an agency full service marketing, advertising and public relations. Communications at full speed. The agency will spearhead all media relations and public relations initiatives for the growing company in the archery industry.

“We are excited to partner with the industry veterans at Full-Throttle to spearhead our public relations efforts. They have a long history of success in the archery industry and we are confident that they can help us tell the story of Pro-Tracker Archery,” said Gary Christensen, owner of Pro-Tracker Archery. “The technology behind our retrieval system is effective, reliable, and will track wounded game caught with a bow (not your arrow) at all times. With the help of Full-Throttle’s strategic PR efforts, we hope to give more archers the confidence that their game will bounce back, no matter the conditions.” he added he.

The ingenious concept behind Pro-Tracker Archery is to help all bowhunters ethically and efficiently overcome any obstacles related to tracking and retrieving game taken with a bow. The Pro-Tracker Recovery system is designed to track the animal, not the arrow, by separating from the arrow and remaining in the animal’s skin. This means bow hunters will track and retrieve their trophy every time, guaranteed. In addition to the recovery system, bow hunters can add more momentum to every shot with ProTracker’s line of Bad Boys FOC Arrow Sleeves. The Bad Boys have revolutionized the ease of forward weighting without the need to re-aim the bow, making the first shot count every time. The company also offers top of the line arrows that provide incredible value for the archer.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Pro-Tracker team to further spread their message and help more archers successfully track their trophies quickly and ethically,” said Jason Bear, President and CEO of Full-Tracker. Throttle Communications. “The technology is effective and efficient, and we have no doubt that archers across the country will want to add the retrieve system to their arsenal of archery equipment,” he added.

About Pro-Tracker Archery
Headquartered in Rexburg, Idaho, Pro-Tracker Archery is an award-winning manufacturer of archery products for hunting, including the Pro-Tracker Recovery System, the revolutionary radio frequency tracking system that helps hunters recover prey regardless of hunting conditions. The company also produces the Bad Boys FOC Arrow Sleeve which increases the FOC of an arrow for deeper and stronger hits, and a full line of Pro-Tracker Archery carbon arrows designed and built to the highest standards of shooting performance. with bow. For more information on Pro-Tracker Archery, please visit:

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