Primos® Sweeps at Readers’ Choice Gold Awards for Best Shooting Clubs

Shooting Sports Retailer, Tactical Retailer and Predator Xtreme Readers Vote Primos the Outright Winner of the Shooting Stick Category

Primos® Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, has been awarded three Readers’ Choice 2022 Gold Awards by readers of Shooting Sports Retailer®, Tactical Retailer® and Predator Xtreme® magazines. These awards spotlight Primos as the best brand in the Shooting Stick category, showcasing how trusted mainstays like the Primos Trigger Stick have become a clear favorite for hunters and shooters alike.

Shooting Sports Retailer launched its Readers’ Choice Awards in 2020 and since then, Primos has taken gold two out of three years in the Shooting Sticks category,” said Derrick Nawrocki, editor of Shooting Sports Retailer, tactical retailer and extreme predator. “In tactical retailerPrimos’ winning streak is even more impressive, winning three years in a row. It is a great compliment to any brand and shows how Primos shooting clubs are the best for dealers across the country.”

For years, Primos Trigger Sticks have dominated the trigger stick market, and multiple configurations are available, from tripods to bipods to monopods. This year, Primos launches a new line of shooting sticks built in collaboration with Spartan Precision. Using the MagnaSwitch mounting system, the latest models including the Apex, Edge, and Trigger Stick pistol-mounted bipods, allow users to easily and quickly attach and detach their firearms to shooting mounts.

With almost 40 years of history, Shooting Sports Retailer (RSS) is considered “The Voice of the Independent Retailer” in the shooting sports market. RSS Trusted by hundreds of shooting sports retailers to keep abreast of the latest market trends, including the best products to stock. In addition, tactical retailer serves the growing tactical retail market and extreme predator it has been the destination for serious predator hunters for over 25 years.

Readers of all three publications have used these awards to express which brands they believe belong on the top shelves, giving insight into the products that both retailers and consumers believe are the strongest.

Voting for the Readers’ Choice Awards is done through an online submission system. Readers submit thousands of tickets for various product categories and brands. The votes are then tallied to determine the 2022 Readers’ Choice winners.

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