Primary Weapon Systems to Attend the Silencer Shop Pew Party

Primary Weapons Systems will have the full line of BDE™ suppressors on the range, as well as several rifles for attendees to take a closer look at.

PWS (Primary Weapons Systems) will join multiple firearms and accessories companies and other members of the shooting industry at the Silencer Shop’s Second Annual Pew Party on May 6.he2023. Attendees will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of PWS firearms with the new line of BDE suppressors at the live shooting event held at The Bunker Gun Club in Clermont, Florida.

Pew Party is an annual event hosted by the Silencer Shop showcasing some of the best firearms and silencers in the industry. The day will also have many prizes and challenges available for attendees. People who attend this exclusive event can interact with multiple companies at the shooting range and fire a wide variety of weapons, both silenced and unsuppressed. The day will be filled with live fire demonstrations, challenges and time at the shooting range.

The BDE™ (Bravo Delta Echo) line is the newest line of suppressors from Primary Weapons Systems and each features a revolutionary 3D printed design using aerospace grade titanium. The BDE762 and BDE556 will show up in PWS rifles, making it the perfect suppressive host thanks to the long-stroke piston system that helps mitigate recoil. Each suppressor in the BDE™ Collection makes the range experience even more pleasurable, making them the perfect addition to the Pew Party.

For more information on PWS, please visit and/or keep an eye on PWS e-newsletters and social channels.

About primary weapon systems

Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) was formed in 2008 as a rifle components company and has since grown to become one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the Northwest. Taking the operating system of Kalashnikov’s AK design and fusing it with Stoner’s AR platform, the PWS long-stroke piston system brings a hybrid rifle to shooters seeking a low-maintenance yet reliable and accurate firearm. PWS makes AR-15s in .223 Wylde, .300BLK, and 7.62×39, all with the long-stroke piston operating system. As of 2022, Vigilant Gear, LLC purchased PWS. For more information, visit or @PrimaryWeapons on Instagram and Facebook.