Price Leads Pistol 2700 Any Sight and other events at CMP’s 2022 Talladega 600

CSM Lee Price, 76, of Surprise, AZ, came into the Talladega 600 ready to win. Not only was he the overall Any Sight competitor of the Match Pistol 2700 event, with a commanding score of 2424-41X, but he also led the .45 Pistol 900 Aggregate and the Pistol EIC Match. Additionally, Price was a High Senior in the 1911 and Military & Police matches.

The matches were held during the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Talladega 600 rifle and pistol event, held November 14–20, 2022, at CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama. More than 260 participated in the annual competition.

The Talladega 600, an annual rifle and pistol event, was held at CMP’s Talladega Shooting Park in November.

Eric Herrin, 59, of Raleigh, NC, has had victories of his own and led the Any Sight portion of the .22 and Center Fire Pistol 900 aggregates. Herrin also claimed the Garand Rifle Match and the EIC Aggregate, which features pistol scores and rifle. He currently holds the EIC Aggregate record in 1006-22X, set in last year’s Talladega 600.

Eric Herrin led the Any Sight portion of the .22 aggregates and Center Fire Pistol 900 along with the EIC aggregate.

Leading in the metal sights portion of the Match Pistol 2700 event was Major Richard Martinez, 38, of Stafford, VA, with a score of 2118-17X. Andrew Granberry, 59, of Germantown, TN, scored a 366-5X for the overall placing in the Military & Police Service Pistol event before claiming the As-Issued 1911 victory, scoring 368-3X.

Kyle Kirschenmann won the 4-Gun Aggregate for his performances during the Talladega 600.

In rifle, leading the Congressional 30 was PFC Dustin Carr, 21, of the US Army Marksmanship Unit, with a score of 296-6X. Just one point behind Carr was 27-year-old Megan Hilbish of Emporia, KS, who took second overall and the High Woman title.

First up on the EIC Rifle Match Course was Laramie Cavin, 35, of Madison, MS, with a score of 496-24X. Cavin was just one point and one count shy of the current record Talladega 600 score, set in 2019. He also took the overall victory in the M1A Match Course, with a score of 369-8X.

Zach Payne edged out the T-Class in the Benchrest Rimfire Sporter Match with a perfect 400.

Geoff Bateman, 61, of Powder Springs, GA, led the Springfield Match Course by a score of 285-7X and similarly outclassed the Vintage Military Match by a score of 285-9X. As a result of his performances, Bateman led the 3-gun aggregate with the 852-24X, compiled from his scores at the Springfield, Vintage Military and Garand events.

Behind Bateman in second in the 3-gun aggregate was Kyle Kirschenmann, 58, of Tellico Plains, TN. Although he came up short in the 3-gun event, Kirschenmann led the 4-gun aggregate with the 1131-23X.

The US Army Marksmanship Unit claimed the 4-man team rifle event.

Megan Hilbish was the leading scorer for the Rimfire Sporter T-Class, at 593-39X, while 15-year-old Aaron Boyd of Senoia, GA, came in second with the High Junior honor.

In the Benchrest version of the Rimfire Sporter event, Zach Payne, 30, of Kingston, GA, shot a perfect score of 400-25X to pass the T-Class.

Other leading scorers from the 2022 Talladega 600:

HP Rifle Events:
4 man team: USAMU Deal (PFC Zevin Linse, PFC Dustin Carr, SP4 Adam Fitzpatrick, SSG Logan Frost) – 1946-75X
Double HP Dixie Match: SFC Alexander Deal (High Singles), SP4 Adam Fitzpatrick – 581-18X
Course 30 of the Congress: PFC Dustin Carr, 21, San Diego, CA – 296-6X
EIC Rifle Competition Course: Laramie Cavin, 35, Madison, MS – 496-24X

Games Rifle Events:
M16 Rifle Course: Paul Jackson, 33, Louisville, KY – 380-9X
Bank match with Garand: Mark Holland, 58, LaFayette, AL – 286-6X
Benchrest Rimfire Sporter T-Class: Zach Payne, 30, Kingston, GA – 400-25X
carbine match: Timothy Adamson, 49, Hueytown, AL – 359-5X
Garand party: Eric Herrin, 59, Raleigh, North Carolina – 287-6X
modern military party: William Ellis, 57, of Langley, England – 296-3X
Springfield Party: Geoff Bateman, 61, Powder Springs, GA – 285-7X
Old Military Party: Geoff Bateman, 61, of Powder Springs, GA – 285-9X
Vintage Sniper Manual Play: RO Team Is Off (Brian Williams, Joseph McMillan) – 389-7X
Added 3 guns: Geoff Bateman, 61, of Powder Springs, GA – 852-24X
Added 4 guns: Kyle Kirschenmann, 58, of Tellico Plains, TN – 1131-23X

Gun Events:
M9 EIC Pistol Course: SFC Ryan Adams, 33, Crestview, Fla. — 256-6X
Military and Police Service Pistol: Andrew Granberry, 59, Germantown, Tennessee – 366-5X
EIC Pistol Match: CSM Lee Price, 76, Surprise, AZ – 266-6X
.22 EIC Rimfire Pistol: CW04 Brad Wise, 55, Grand Haven, MI – 283-8X
.22 Rimfire Pistol 900 Added Any Scope: Eric Herrin, 59, Raleigh, North Carolina – 820-20X
.22 Rimfire Pistol 900 Agg. Metal sights: CW04 Brad Wise, 55, Grand Haven, MI – 851-21X
Center Fire Pistol 900 Added Any View: Eric Herrin, 59, Raleigh, North Carolina – 807-18X
Added metal sights Center Fire Pistol 900: Kevin Donahoe, 68, Morrow, OH – 767-14X
.45 900 Pistol Added Any Scope: CSM Lee Price, 76, Surprise, AZ – 834-18X
Match Pistol 2700 Any sight: CSM Lee Price, 76, Surprise, AZ – 2424-41X
Match Pistol 2700 Metal Sights: Maj. Richard Martinez, 38, Stafford, VA – 2118-17X

EIC Aggregate: Eric Herrin, 59, Raleigh, North Carolina – 995-16X

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