Pope and Young and Howl for Wildlife team up to become a unified voice for wildlife conservation

Pope and Young, America’s leading archery conservation organization, is pleased to announce a strategic conservation partnership with Howl for Wildlife. Howl for Wildlife is an innovative conservation organization that allows the user to contact the correct government authorities about attacks on game and our heritage with just one click.

Howl for Wildlife provides streamlined tools and resources regarding issues related to wildlife management, hunting and/or fishing. They also provide the public with simplified access to officials, decision makers and influencers through industry leading technology. This technology removes the barriers of finding someone to connect with on wildlife issues and instantly connects audiences with the right people so they can effectively and efficiently make their own voices heard with personalized content that isn’t a boilerplate form letter.

As part of their joint effort to protect your bowhunting rights, every Pope and Young membership purchased on howl.org will receive a FREE paid Howl membership.

“As a lifelong bow hunter, this partnership really excites me. Pope and Young have been fully supportive of Howl for Wildlife even before we released it to the public and now we can finally work together towards the same goals. This is necessary and really sets in motion the future of wildlife conservation and hunting in general,” said Charles Whitwam, founder and president of Howl for Wildlife.

For more information and to get your joint Pope, Young and Howl membership, visit https://www.howlforwildlife.org/pope_and_young_membership.

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