Pokémon Scarlet and Violet images from Japan reveal a problem for shiny hunters

Published: 2022-09-28T16:09:13

Updated: 2022-09-28T16:09:33

Images from the Pokémon World Ecological Society have revealed that Scarlet & Violet’s in-game lighting can affect shiny hunting in the outside world.

Ever since Sword and Shield launched in 2019, GameFreak has provided players with ‘mon that show up out of thick grass, in what is described as the “Overworld”.

Pokemon Legends Arceus took Overworld ‘mon a step further by showing whether they are shiny or not, a very welcome addition to the games.

Now, new footage of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has shown that the lighting in the upcoming Gen 9 games can affect shiny hunting in the Overworld.

Scarlet & Violet Overworld Shiny Pokemon Lighting Issue

Shortly after the Pokémon World Ecological Society shared screenshots of the upcoming games on its Japanese website, YouTuber LewTwo noted that Greedent is in the game.

From the screenshot, it appears that the lighting on Scarlet & Violet may present players with a bit of an issue while searching for certain Pokémon.

While normal Greedent has two different shades of brown, the pictures show a slightly lighter color to his fur, which many may believe is the rarer shiny version of the squirrel.

Scarlet & Violet will provide a screen animation and probably a sound alert, assuming they copied Legends Arceus’ glowing encounter style. However, it’s still entirely possible for players to mistake a regular ‘mon for a shiny one for a variety of reasons.

We’ll have to wait until November to know for sure. In the meantime, head over to our hub for news leading up to its release.