Plenty of hunting opportunities start on August 30 and September 1.

There are two big circle days in almost every Idaho hunter calendar: August 30th Y September 1st. Both mark long-awaited season openings ranging from grouse to mule deer. Many of the following seasons are open statewide and run well into winter.

Whether you’re an upland fowler or a bowhunter hunting deer and elk, here’s what’s coming up:


wood grouse season (dark, ruffed and spruce grouse) open statewide

  • Daily bag limit: 4
  • Possession limit: 12 total
  • Hunters are reminded that a fully feathered wing or head should be left attached naturally to any dressed game bird, except turkey. Naturally attached parts are needed so that control and management personnel can identify the species and sex of birds in possession or being transported.
  • Hunters are also encouraged to deposit a wing in designated wing barrels placed along major travel routes in bird hunting areas.

red squirrel (pine) season open statewide

  • Daily bag limit: 8
  • Possession Limit: 24

cottontail rabbit Y white footed hare season open statewide

  • Daily bag limit: 8
  • Possession Limit: 24

widespread fall Turkey open seasons

  • The general fall seasons are limited to the Panhandle and Clearwater regions, and portions of the Southwest and Southeast regions. Some general seasons in eastern Idaho open on September 15. See page 22 for the Upland Game, Turkey, and Furbearer rules.
  • NOTE: Hunters should be aware that, for the first time this year, hunting passport holders who are 8 or 9 years old can now purchase turkey tags to participate in over-the-counter turkey hunts, including general seasonal and hunting-only hunts. youths. . Visit Fish and Game’s Hunting Passport page for more information about the program.

The majority deer Y I raised open archery seasons


Mourning and white-winged dove season opens statewide

  • Daily bag limit: 15
  • Possession Limit: 45
  • Must keep one wing or head attached during transport
  • See the 2022-2023 Idaho Migratory Bird Game Seasons and Rules for more information, and remember you need your migratory bird permit (HIP) to hunt doves. A federal stamp is not required for migratory birds (ducks).