PinUltimate Quick Release Hitch Pin – The Revolutionary New Solution

If you’re a trailer owner, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of using hitch pins. Steel rods are not only prone to rust, but also require clunky “R-clips” that nobody likes. This often results in a knuckle scraping experience that no one wants to repeat.

However, now there is a solution to this problem: the PinUltimate Quick Release Hitch Pin. It’s an all-titanium pin that makes securing and removing the hitch faster and more comfortable than ever before.

How does it work?

The PinUltimate uses a clever ConnecTrick push button quick release inline design that is much better than traditional hitch pins. Simply press the ergonomically located thumb button on the PinUltimate’s handle. This releases positive lock balls that protrude from the shaft, releasing the cap on the opposite end. With the cap removed, the latch can freely slide in or out. To replace the cap, simply press the thumb button and snap the cap back into place.

This all happens in a matter of seconds and is easily done in tight spaces, much easier than R-clips which run perpendicular to the pin axis, requiring more space to operate.

What is it made of?

The PinUltimate pin itself is made from premium grade heat treated 6AL4V (Ti-64) Titanium. This means you can be sure it will perform perfectly even if exposed to salt water or road salt. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee. The handle is ergonomically designed and fully CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum and then treated with a special UV resistant “power red” Cerakote® finish formulated specifically for PinUltimate to further protect it from the elements.

Additional characteristics

For those who want to lock down their hitch, the PinUltimate Hitch Pin is equipped with a premium cylinder lock that features a two-way key that makes locking and unlocking easy. Every PinUltimate Quick Release Hitch Pin is 100% Made in the USA with 100% Made in the USA components. PinUltimate is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and comes with a 90-Day Performance Guarantee.


With PinUltimate, there are no clips, no cross maneuvers, no scraped knuckles, and no wasted time. It’s so easy you can do it in the dark! PinUltimate is available in a standard 5/8″ pin and fits Class III, IV and V hitches.

For more information, visit or call 651.641.0226.