Philip Olson of Iowa City sentenced to pay $855 for accidental shooting

Gabe Heefner, of Missouri, was visiting friends and family in his hometown of Iowa City when he was hit by what police believe to be a stray bullet on Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021.

A Johnson County judge on Thursday fined an Iowa City man $855 Thursday for accidentally shooting a U.S. Marine with an air rifle for a minor violation of the Iowa City code that did not carry a threat of jail time.

Philip Olson pleaded guilty in April to violating an Iowa City ordinance prohibiting the firing of toy guns and slingshots, a simple misdemeanor. Olson turned himself in in October and was later accused of accidentally shooting US Marine Lance Cpl. Gabe Heefner in the head, leaving him seriously injured.

Heefner was in Iowa City visiting his grandparents and friends who attend the University of Iowa while on leave from the Marine Corps a week before his first deployment to Okinawa, Japan. He was driving down Highway 6 when he was hit in the head by the projectile fired from the airgun.