P2P on display at the NRA annual meetings

Prepared 2 Protect® products will be on display at booth 3242 at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits. Held April 14-16 in Indianapolis, it is the largest annual gathering of NRA members.

P2P products fire incapacitating and less lethal pepper rounds. They are a great alternative for places where firearms are prohibited or for people who choose not to use a firearm in certain situations.

“Our less lethal line of self defense and home defense products gives people the confidence and power to protect what matters most,” said Justin Biddle, vice president of marketing. “Whether you’re walking, jogging, shopping, or doing any other day-to-day activity, P2P helps protect yourself, your family, or your possessions by stopping the threat and getting you to a safe place.”

The HDP 50 is a full-size pistol that holds six .50 caliber pepper rounds. Launched by a CO2 cartridge, the HDP 50 can be stored with the cartridge sealed. A snap from the Quick Pierce system quickly loads the pistol when needed. The HDP 50 Compact is a smaller, concealed option that holds four rounds.

In addition to pepper rounds, P2P pistols can fire either inert chalk practice rounds or rubber rounds so users can become familiar and confident in their use so they are prepared to protect.

For more information, visit Prepared2Protect.com.


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