Ozonics Scent Control Technology Now Available Nationwide at SCHEELS

Ozonics, the leader in ozone and active odor control technology in the field, is pleased to announce a retail partnership with SCHEELS, one of the nation’s leading hunting and sporting goods retailers. Starting today, Ozonics’ innovative line of ozone generators and accessories is available for outdoor men and women online and at select SCHEELS retailers nationwide.

Ozonics continues to develop and create industry-leading odor removal products, and through this retail partnership, hunters can easily find the Ozonics product they need for a better hunting experience. Flagship products like the OrionX, HR300 and HR230, which have become fan favorites with hunters across the country, will be available in stores and online for purchase.

“We are proud to partner with such an iconic brand like SCHEELS, and in doing so, we will continue to help more hunters across the country looking for a better way to hunt,” said Ozonics CEO and Founder Scott Elrod. “This collaboration will provide hunters with the tools they need to be more successful in the woods. SCHEELS’ dedication to providing quality products that enhance the outdoors, and specifically the hunter’s experience, aligns with our mission. We are excited to kick off this partnership ahead of the upcoming hunting seasons.”

With a dedicated mission to create innovation in the hunting industry since its establishment in 2007, Ozonics has become the unrivaled pioneer of ozone generators for field odor elimination. Ozonics’ patented odor removal technology is scientifically proven to maximize opportunities in the forest. As it electronically converts ambient oxygen into odor-destroying ozone, it chemically alters human scents on a molecular level, rendering hunters undetectable and primed for undeniable success.

SCHEELS has built a storied reputation for providing a wide selection of high-quality hunting gear and equipment. As a trusted destination for outdoorsmen and women and with a growing network of multi-state retail stores, they have proven to be a trusted partner. By introducing Ozonics products in its stores, SCHEELS confirms its commitment to providing customers with the most advanced and effective hunting solutions available.

To learn more about Ozonics and its innovative odor control products, visit www.ozonicshunting.com. To learn more about SCHEELS and to view available Ozonics products, visit www.scheels.com

About Ozonics

Ozonics has been innovating the hunting industry since 2007, when it launched the world’s first and only field odor eliminating ozone generator. Unlike any other outdoor odor control product on the market, Ozonics harnesses the power of ozone technology to go beyond simply masking odor. Ozonics science-backed, field-proven products make a hunter virtually undetectable to even the most cautious game, including deer. The result? Hunters can make the most of each and every hunt. Learn more at www.ozonicshunting.com.