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Last Saturday the deer archery season was inaugurated. I looked at my old Bear Polar recurve bow, but then our latest Springer Spaniel seemed tame and he reminded me that we have to work on their first grouse and rabbit hunting season on October 15th.

The southern area offers duck hunters the opportunity to hunt teal and wood ducks along with other ducks beginning October 8 and running through October 15.

Millie already learned to swim by falling into our pond. I think she thought the duckweed cover was solid, but anyway, she fell in and then swam for a few minutes before coming back out.

I told him that he would have to swim to catch the ducks that we shoot in the small ponds that we have permission to hunt.

Last week some friends came over to shoot the clay targets on the meadow and she didn’t seem to mind the shots so I guess we’re ready to hunt. But I explained that she could take me a few hours to hunt deer during the special regulation season. That will be from October 20 to 22. I explained that if she behaved while I went hunting with the rifle, I would share a hamburger with her. I think she liked the idea.

I don’t think she cares, but there are some changes for small game during hunts after deer season. we can’t hunt

rabbits, grouse or pheasants on Christmas Eve. The last day to hunt will be December 23. The Squirrels are also closed on December 25.

However, you can hunt ducks and geese on Saturday, December 24. If you ask me, the people who prepared the “Hunting and Trapping Summary” must be fresh out of kindergarten. It’s very confusing and it took me a while to figure out when exactly it was legal to hunt small game and waterfowl.

That early small game and deer hunts should be brought together instead of forcing hunters to go through every page to find what is legal and when.

Sometimes I think that the method of his madness is to confuse

Your clients. Anyway, hunting seasons are here or soon will be.

This Saturday is already early duck season. If the dates I mentioned are not exactly what is in the summary, be sure to read the summary yourself.

Even if you have a lifetime senior license, you can still pick up a summary at any licensing agent. I got mine at Walmart this year because I needed to purchase a Pennsylvania migratory bird license. I bought my duck stamp at the post office, which is also required for hunting ducks and geese.

I don’t mind buying the stamp because it supports wildlife refuges, including the Ding Darling refuge on Sanibel Island. I don’t think the flooding and high waters will bother migratory and resident birds, although the rest of the island is pretty much destroyed by the hurricane. Ding Darling was a Republican cartoonist in the 1930s when asked by Franklin Roosevelt to help develop the wildlife refuge system. The first shelter is named after him.

When we were there years ago, we saw alligators and resident birds like spoonbills and berets because the ducks and geese have already moved on to their nesting grounds further north.

This will be my 15th year with a senior license and I don’t need to buy a pheasant stamp like many senior license holders after me must. For hunters with bird dogs who hunt pheasants, the stamp is still a bargain at $25, when hunters can kill two birds a day during the wild season.