Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation, the leading provider of school-based outdoor education, has reached a new milestone with its Outdoor Adventures program now in 1,000 kindergartens, middle and high schools across the country.

“Across the country, more than 100,000 students annually will learn about wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing, shooting sports and much more with this historic achievement of 1,000 schools,” said the president of the Outdoors Foundation. Tomorrow, Kyle Shidler.

OTF’s Outdoor Adventures program is a fun and interactive course where students are taught life skills through a 34-unit integrated curriculum comprised of math, science, writing, and critical thinking skills. 290 detailed lesson plans cover fisherman education, archery, hunter education, boater education, orienteering, survival skills, camping, cookouts, challenging courses, backpacking, mountain bike camping, paddle sports , rock climbing, shooting sports, CPR/first aid and wildlife, flora and wild medicine and much more. OA teachers can choose units specific to their region and local ecosystems.

“A true testament to the value of the Outdoor Adventures K-12 curriculum is the accelerated growth of the program now being taught in 1,000 schools of all sizes and in all types of locations in 46 states,” said OTF Executive Director Sean McLelland.

Founded in 1981 in Dallas, the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization. For many schools, OTF grants help offset the cost of the program. The curriculum can be taught as a physical education, elective, or agricultural science class.

There are more than 415,000 graduates of the program to date, with each OA student spending 180 hours learning outdoor education per year. The program has totaled 16 million hours of outdoor education classes to date. For press material, visit www.130a.com

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Since 1981, the mission of the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation (OTF) is to teach outdoor education and promote wildlife conservation through the Outdoor Adventures program, currently in 1,000 schools across the country. The curriculum, which has impacted more than 415,000 students since it began, is accessed by 100,000 students annually in 46 states, including archery, shooting, fishing, camping, first aid, boater safety, hunter education, outdoor cooking, outdoors and more. The OTF also provides equipment grants, free workshops and teacher training and is accredited by each state’s state parks and wildlife commissions. To learn more about the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation and how to bring the Outdoor Adventures curriculum to a school near you, visit gootf.com.