Lyons Falls, New York: Otis Technology presented its 2022 Law Enforcement and Sporting Goods Sales Awards on the opening morning of the 2023 Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

Each year, Otis Technology awards sales representatives and agencies who have demonstrated initiative, sales growth, outstanding effort and customer service over the past year. Otis Technology has recognized J.R. Keller by Jeff Robles & Associates as the Sales Representative of the Year 2022. “Keller took over one of our largest retailers when he retired a long time representative and he has really stepped up to fill the big shoes,” said Kenda Campbell, Director of Commercial Sales for Otis Technology. She continued: “His dedication to his territory and his persistent pursuit to position our brands is remarkable. In a challenging year, we really appreciate his dedication to keeping our brand strong. “

Pictured (from left to right): Kenda Campbell (Commercial Sales Director, Otis Technology) JR Keller (Jeff Robles Associates), Bill Kleftis, (CEO, Otis Technology)

In addition, Otis Technology and Shooter’s Choice also recognize their top sales agencies that have shown exemplary performance over the past year. This year, Otis is pleased to announce Jeff Robles and Associates What Sporting Goods Sales Agency of the Year, Odle Sales What Law Enforcement Sales Agency of the Year Y leading edge marketing group What Government Sales Agency of the Year.

“As Otis’ longest-tenured agency, Jeff and his team continue to display the enthusiasm and knowledge of the Otis product line needed to drive business in the ultra-competitive firearms accessory category. In an extremely difficult market and year, they continue to exceed expectations,” Campbell said.

Pictured (left to right): Greg Essenlohr (Government Sales Manager, Otis Technology) Odle Sales: Bryan Piester, Donald Hoffman, Frank Horstman, Joshua Gaido

Greg Essenlohr, Otis Technology Government Sales Manager, commented: “With the innovative thinking of the Odle LE sales team, they were able to understand and manage the uncertainties brought on by the pandemic and the subsequent international upheaval. They not only grew existing accounts, but also cultivated new sales channels within their respective territories.”

“Forward Edge has a relentless dedication and enthusiasm for our brands, which positions Otis to better serve the US Armed Forces Exchange Services. This year alone we were able to exponentially increase our product placement and position our brand as the pillar of the category”, reflected Essenlohr.

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