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Charlotte, NC – When WORX created and introduced the innovative 20V Hydroshot portable pressure washer in 2017, it represented a new category and departure from traditional gas and electric pressure washers. Now homeowners had a portable option that didn’t rely on gas and oil or an outlet to pressure wash their car, windows, lawn furniture, bikes, and other outdoor items.

The latest version of the WORX 20V Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner is the WG630 model, powered by a WORX 20V 4.0Ah high capacity battery and a high efficiency brushless in-line motor. This 20V Hydroshot has a single speed motor rated at 350 psi max. It’s easy to adjust the nozzle’s five spray patterns to the task at hand with nozzle settings of 0, 15, 25 and 40º, plus a shower pattern suitable for rinsing and watering flowers, vegetables and other sensitive areas. The wider the angle, the less aggressive the spray pattern.

Like a pressure washer, the WORX Hydroshot connects to a garden hose, but with its 20-foot filtered hose, it also draws water from a bucket, pool, or freshwater sources like lakes and rivers. And for ultimate portability, the Hydroshot even draws water from a 2-liter bottle using its bottle cap connector accessory.

At 5.5 lbs. (battery operated), the lightweight power cleaner can be used inside shower stalls to hose down soapy shower walls and floors. Other typical uses for Hydroshot include washing cars, bikes, windows, sliding door tracks, lawn furniture, front steps, decks and patios, garage floors, tractor and lawnmower deck undersides, and more. WORX offers a number of optional Hydroshot accessories to enhance the capabilities of the portable power washer.

The WORX Power Share Hydroshot 20V with 4.0 Ah Battery and Brushless Motor runs at 0.092 gallons per minute (GPM). Based on a national average water pressure of 60 psi, this 20V Hydroshot delivers nearly six times the strength of water coming from the average home. While some light-duty pressure washers use 2 GPM, and medium to heavy-duty gas pressure washers use 5 or more gallons of water per minute, consider the WORX Hydroshot for applications where water conservation is a must.

The WORX 20V Hydroshot is powered by a 20V 4.0Ah Max high capacity lithium battery with charge level indicator for long run time. The 20V battery is compatible with over 75 WORX 20V, 40V and 80V DIY and garden tools and lifestyle products for cost savings and convenience.

The WORX 20V Hydroshot with 4.0 Ah Battery and Brushless Motor (WG630, $189.99) is available at worx.com and online retailers including Walmart.com and Amazon. It is covered by WORX’s three-year limited warranty.

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