Ohio nears start of fall hunting season

The squirrel hunt begins on September 1 in Ohio.

Ohio’s fall hunting season begins on September 1, with or without further thought.

However, let us remember that as predator and prey are part of the natural state of life, the hunt never ends. September 1, then, represents more of a technicality, an annual limit that humans decided they would have to set for themselves.

Squirrels, one of the earliest games to be played, used to be eaten by people who lived off the land, meaning farmers, trappers, poachers, and hermits. Squirrel meat can be tasty and satisfy the need for protein.

But the latest US census shows that rural residents continue to move off the land into metropolitan areas, where they find plenty of untouchable squirrels and a seemingly endless supply of Big Macs available for money and little effort.