NRA Hunter Leadership Forum supports Hunters for the Hungry programs

Fairfax, Va. – The NRA’s Hunter Leadership Forum (HLF) is pleased to announce the 2023 grant program for Hunters for the Hungry (HFH) programs in the United States, increasing the available funding to $100,000. In 2022 alone, Hunters for the Hungry organizations provided nearly 1.6 million pounds of game meat to individuals and food banks across the United States.

“Due to the overwhelming support of the NRA Hunter Leadership Forum, the 2023 grant program will be able to award nearly double the funds distributed to processors last year,” said Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr., CEO of NRA General Operations. “Hunters for the Hungry is a significant program that provides more than eight million meals a year to neighbors and families in need across the country. The NRA is proud to support HFH programs and local processors to help hunters donate their harvested game meat.”

Available in awards of up to $2,000 at, the fund will cover the cost of processing, shipping and distributing the donated meat.

“I want to thank the generous donors who made it possible for the Hunter Leadership Forum to support this incredibly worthwhile cause,” said HLF Director Peter Churchbourne. “America has a long tradition of harnessing the vast resources that hunting provides as a means of feeding family and friends. We are honored to play a role in that noble process. The NRA has long been one of the largest supporters, supporters, and funders of the various independent groups facilitating this important effort, with more than $650,000 allocated to this initiative.”

The Hunters for the Hungry initiative is a loose affiliation of state and independent programs that have provided 40 million pounds of wild game to individual families, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks across the United States. Working with the NRA, these programs connect interested individuals with programs in their area while promoting public awareness through education, fundraising, and advertising.

Approximately 40 unique HFH programs operate in the United States on shoestring budgets. The NRA encourages all members and supporters to donate to these programs, either financially or by donating legally harvested game meat.

To find out where you can donate in your area or to support HFH, visit

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