North American Outdoorsman – Women’s Exclusive Edition

Outdoor Specialty Media Group announces the publication of the October issue of the North American Outdoorsman digital magazine, dedicated to women in the outdoor industry. This issue is headlined by the story of Melissa Bachman’s rise to industry prominence and the profile of Julie McQueen as the leader of Carbon TV, plus a tour of Otis Technologies’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. There are several high-adventure hunting stories that will thrill anyone with a pulse, and a list of trips to the open country to fish or hike and share memories forever. Many of the stories are written by young women just starting out in their careers or who talk about the learning, mentoring and camaraderie they’ve experienced getting involved in the great outdoors. It ends with a food story on how to make Duck Confit, and the second in a series on How to Train Your Hunting Dog. Also included are device reviews and new product launches with links to visit websites for more information or to purchase the newest devices available.

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