Non-Nebraska Spring Turkey Permits Sold Out

There are no more 2023 Nebraska Spring Turkey Permits available to non-residents. The quota of 10,000 permits was exhausted.

Permits became available for purchase by non-residents beginning January 9, 2023. The last permit in the quota was purchased on March 24.

The Nebraska Park and Game Commission in 2022 made several changes to the turkey hunting orders at the August 2022 meeting in response to declining turkey populations across the state. Those changes begin with the Spring 2023 season and include:

  • A quota of 10,000 permits available for non-residents. Youth and homeowner permits are not included in this limit.
  • All hunters are now required to report their turkey harvests via Telecheck.
  • All hunters are limited to two permits in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Fall season dates have been moved from October 1 to November 30.
  • The fall bag limit for all hunters is one turkey.
  • All hunters are limited to taking no more than one bird per calendar day in the spring.

Fall turkey season permits will go on sale August 14 at 1 pm Central Time.

For more information on turkey hunting, read the Turkey Guide at