Nomad brings hunters the best combination of stealth and comfort with their Cottonwood NXT apparel.

Fleece is a marvel of modern outdoor clothing technology and the first piece of gear every hunter grabs when there’s a chill in the air. Nomad’s product development team has taken this proven fabric and created some of the most effective whitetail hunting systems on the market. Nomad’s new Cottonwood NXT collection is loaded with features to keep hunters covered from head to toe in warm, quiet, camo fleece.

The Cottonwood NXT Collection consists of a jacket, pants, hat and mitts. The secret behind Nomad’s Cottonwood NXT Berber fleece is the use of super long fibers that trap air, keeping hunters warmer and more comfortable, longer. All garments in the Cottonwood line provide excellent protection against the cold through a sherpa-lined membrane that blocks the wind. The Cottonwood NXT Collection not only provides unmatched protection from the bitter cold, it gives hunters an advantage in close encounters with their prey. Both the jacket and pants use sound-limiting fabrics to reduce unwanted noise. Hunters will also appreciate the stain-resistant fabrics that repel the nastiest of stains.

Thoughtfully designed with whitetail hunters in mind, the Cottonwood NXT Jacket is not only comfortable, but also offers strategically placed pockets to store essential gear. The combination of a 4-way stretch fabric, full-length contoured zipper, and 4-way gusseted underarm panels offers exceptional range of motion to make getting on and off locked-down supports a breeze. Hunters will appreciate the 3-piece adjustable hood and sherpa-lined zipper pouch to help keep ears and toes warm in howling winds and frigid temperatures. Two front zippered pockets provide access to precious gear like cell phones, snacks and calls. A separate rangefinder pocket provides hunters with instant access to a rangefinder when the moment of truth arrives. The jacket also features a safety harness port for added comfort.

Morning walks through moonlit forests and deep frost require special warm clothing. For all day wear on the grind, Nomad’s Cottonwood Pants help hunters stay cool and warm. The pants feature Nomad’s Ever-Adjust waistband, removable suspenders and a high back waistband, so they stay in place and keep cold air out. The Cottonwood pants employ Nomad’s crescent cuff design on the legs. This unique feature prevents the heel of a boot from snagging on the hem of the pants. Zippered leg openings help pants slide over boots during the on/off process. The Cottonwood NXT Pants feature ample pockets for gear storage. The pants feature sherpa-lined hand warmer pockets as well as cargo pockets to provide even more room for knives, phones or calls.

The Harvester Cottonwood NXT Men’s Collection is available in Mossy Oak® Hybrid Droptine and Realtree Edge. Exclusive to Nomad, Mossy Oak’s new Hybrid Droptine is a whole new way to look at camo design. By combining natural elements in an abstract matrix, the color and contrast of the resulting pattern blend seamlessly with the autumn forest.

Nomad designed the Cottonwood NXT to keep you comfortable, calm, and tucked away in the woods on chilly fall days. Take a look at the deadly features of our Cottonwood NXT line.

Cottonwood NXT Flip Mitt Specifications:

  • windproof membrane
  • Berber poplar fleece
  • Shaped cuff with spandex trim.
  • Magnetic closure
  • touch the fingertip
  • Colours: Mossy Oak Droptine
  • MSRP: $50

Specifications of the Cottonwood NXT Cap:

  • Windproof membrane bonded to sherpa-lined fabric
  • Berber fleece high-pile, low-brim earmuffs
  • Ear flaps can be folded up or down to cover the neck
  • Adjustable snap closure at back
  • Colours: Mossy Oak® Droptine
  • MSRP: $45

Specifications of the Cottonwood NXT Jacket:

  • Windproof membrane bonded to sherpa-lined fabric
  • high pile berber fleece
  • 4-way stretch
  • 4-way stretch gusseted underarm panels
  • contoured zipper
  • Sherpa Lined Zip Pouch
  • 2 front zip pockets
  • rangefinder pocket
  • safety harness port
  • 3-piece adjustable hood
  • Colors: Mossy Oak® Hybrid Droptine, Realtree Edge
  • MSRP: $200 (3XL + $10)

Cottonwood NXT Pant Specifications:

  • Windproof membrane bonded to sherpa-lined fabric
  • high pile berber fleece
  • 4-way stretch
  • Ever adjust the waist
  • removable straps
  • High waist in the back
  • Zipped leg opening at half moon cuff
  • Sherpa lined hand warmer pockets
  • Sherpa lined cargo pockets
  • Zipped hip pockets
  • Colors: Mossy Oak® Hybrid Droptine, Realtree Edge
  • MSRP: $200 (3XL + $10)

Marolina Outdoor Inc. was founded to provide in-depth product expertise across all outdoor categories. Our innovative designs and technology-focused products create the foundation for our authentic outdoor apparel. Huk apparel represents a fresh take and unique understanding of the needs of fishing, offering functional styles that appeal to anglers of all ages. Nomad is motivated to provide quality clothing so hunters can maximize their hunting experiences and provide sustenance regardless of the size of the game or where their activities take them.

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