NJCAA Selects USA Clay Target League as Regular Season Provider

Eagan, MN – The USA Clay Target League (USACTL) is proud to have been chosen as the regular season clay plate provider by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Board of Regents. NJCAA affiliated colleges can now form regional clay teams and leagues through the USA College Clay Target League, a division of the USA Clay Target League.

“The League’s priorities have always been safety, fun and marksmanship, in that order,” said USACTL President John Nelson. “We are pleased to have been approved by the NJCAA Board of Regents and look forward to working with universities to bring clay target sporting opportunities to students across the country.”

In 2020, the NJCAA recognized Clay Target as one of four “emerging sports” and began the process of formally organizing a Clay Target committee within the organization’s Board of Regents. In June 2022, the NJCAA Clay Target Committee recommended the USA Clay Target League to the Board of Regents as a provider of regular season clay targets for NJCAA affiliated institutions. The NJCAA Clay Target postseason event is tentatively scheduled to debut in the fall of 2024.

“The USA Clay Target League has provided the Minnesota Collegiate Athletic Conference (MCAC – NJCAA Region 13) with a clay target program since 2018.” Jason Kelvie, USAACTL coach education and support manager, said. “The program has been extremely successful over the past three years, with 16 schools and more than 300 students competing this fall.”

Up to five regions with up to 25 teams are expected to participate in regional competitions next fall.

About the NJCAA

The mission of the NJCAA is to promote, govern, and foster a competitive environment for two-year collegiate athletics. The NJCAA recognizes the diverse nature of its membership, throughout providing a consistent and inclusive governance structure that provides opportunities for all stakeholders and emphasizes the academic, athletic, and community involvement goals of all student-athletes. Visit http://njcaa.org for more information.

About the USA Clay Target League

With nearly 45,000 participating athletes in 2022, the nonprofit USA Clay Target League is the largest clay target shooting organization in the United States. The League offers trap, skeet, sports clay, and 5-tier leagues to high schools and post-secondary schools across the country.

La Liga is the only 100% school-approved clay-target sports program in the United States. Each team must have the approval of the school to participate. Most participating schools have lettering programs as well as yearbook listings for teams. Additionally, each year the League and post-secondary institutions award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to qualifying seniors.

The coeducational and adaptive nature of the League are key attractions to schools across the country: it is fully Title IX compliant with male and female athletes competing on the same team, and it is an ‘adapted’ sport, allowing students to with physical disabilities participate.

The League’s priorities are safety, fun and aim, in that order.

The League is the safest sport in school, with no reported injuries since the League’s inception in 2001. Each athlete must complete firearms safety certification before participating.

Visit http://collegeclaytarget.com for more information.